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Exploring is all about going off the beaten track and finding new wines that are out of the ordinary.

So we won’t be tasting Chardonnay, Cabernet and Pinots at this one.

Take off the mask, show up as you are and connect with yourself in a way you have never experienced before.

When walking into a naked yoga practice, you leave your ego at the door.

For more information Our inspiration is the body and the endless ways it can move to expand the energy within it. We are realistic, straight-shooters and open-minded and believe everything is figureoutable.

Whether you are a dedicated yogi or an aspiring teacher, this training is for you!This Zin-based red blend delivers blackened berries, espresso and a touch of caramel that ride a decent acidity deep into the finish. Finocchiona Fennel Salami Its name comes from “finocchio”, or fennel, used to flavor the lean pork shoulder and cheek fat used in the sausages.This dry-cured salami is often aged as long as five months to a year to develop its...Schedule and enjoy your Bold Naked Yoga Private Session Today Experience the art of touch and energy in motion.Tantric Yogassage is the most liberating synthesis of assisted tantric yoga poses and innovative bodywork to turn up the volume of sensations in body & mind.

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