Walker quaternary dating

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This is due to fluxes of the water column’s temperature and salinity as the Loop Current shifts throughout the year.

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BOEM has the responsibility of issuing permits for the acquisition of geophysical data in U. Federal waters as designated under the Outer Continental Shelf (OCS) Lands Act.

Northern Gulf of Mexico deepwater bathymetry grid created from 3D seismic surveys.

The grid defines water depth with 1.4 billion 40-by-40 ft cells and is available in feet and meters.

If left unchecked in the grid mosaicking process, the seams between surfaces of some adjacent surveys would be overly apparent, displayed as a perfectly vertical wall in the Z dimension.

To partially correct for this in the final grid, we used a visually iterative process of comparing the edges of adjacent seafloor surfaces and then manually shifting one or both shallower or deeper.

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