Updating disconnected datasets

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Disconnected architecture is a method of retrieving a record set from the database and storing it giving you the ability to do many CRUD (Create, Read, Update and Delete) operations on the data in memory, then it can be re-synchronized with the database when reconnecting.

A method of using disconnected architecture is using a Dataset.

The command object provides direct execution of the command to the database.

If the command returns more than a single value, the command object returns a Data Reader to provide the data.

When the use of this Data Set is finished, changes can be made back to the central database for updating.

The data in Data Set can be loaded from any valid data source like an Oracle database or from a Microsoft Access database.

The Data Provider is responsible for providing and maintaining the connection to the database.

A Data Provider is a set of related components that work together to provide data in an efficient and performance driven manner. NET Framework currently comes with two Data Providers: the SQLData Provider which is designed only to work with Microsoft's SQLServer 7.0 or later and the Ole Db Data Provider which allows us to connect to other types of databases like Access and Oracle.

Disconnected architecture of was built on classes connection, dataadapter, commandbuilder and dataset and dataview.Different applications have different requirements for database access. By keeping connections open for only a minimum period of time, ADO . Keeping the connection open for the lifetime of the application raises concerns about database security and network traffic. ADO is a connected data access, which means that when a connection to the database is established the connection remains open till the application is closed. In ADO, all the data is contained in a recordset object which had problems when implemented on the network and penetrating firewalls.

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