Updating a column in sql

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You would like to track the customer’s contracts in the document library, but ensure that related customer information is up-to-date and not unnecessarily duplicated.You can do this by adding one or more external data columns to the library to associate the appropriate customer name and phone number with each contract stored in the library.Customer contracts and contact information You have a document library that contains customer contracts.

In this scenario, you could also create a structured Word document that promotes the values of the external data columns to a Word document so you can edit the values in the Document Information Panel or by using Word content controls.

Customer(Id INT, Cust Name NVARCHAR(50), Phone No] VARCHAR(20), [Zip Code] VARCHAR(10), [City.Name] VARCHAR(50)) GO --Add sample records to the Customer table INSERT INTO dbo.However, you ensure that when the external content type is created, that the external data is read-only.Your company rules and processes require any changes to product information be made through the database system.


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