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By next year, Lee says there will be more devices — and not just Lenovo’s — containing the necessary hardware to 3D map our surroundings. At 0, it’s cheaper than an i Phone or Google’s Pixel.Yet with a 6.4-inch display, the Phab 2 Pro can hardly be held with one hand. No amount of nifty AR tech will sell people a phone that’s cumbersome to use for even the most basic of tasks. Google and Lenovo both understand that the Phab 2 Pro will act as more of a proof of concept than a device designed to sell millions of units. Its large display and powerful camera allows you to view huge swaths of a room with virtual objects overlaid over the scenery., augmented reality might have stayed another forlorn futurist technology the public paid little attention to.Instead, the AR mobile game from developer Niantic Labs, a former Google subsidiary, catapulted the technology to hundreds of millions of smartphone owners around the world.Another game, from developer Sockethead Games, plants a floating landmass in the middle of a room.

It’s remarkable to see entire 3D worlds play out in the camera viewfinder, and many of the Tango games force you to get up and move around as much as possible."It’s the idea that you can use physical space in a shared context," Lee adds."The location-tracking capabilities of Tango can be the same vehicle for shared context between people." With the Phab 2 Pro, which is now selling for 9, Lenovo and Google are trying to prove that AR can and should become an integral component of modern smartphones.Many of the early Tango apps also make use of gesture control and other real-world movements to avoid forcing users to place their fingers on the touchscreen.This way, the scene can play out on the screen without any interference.

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