Stop dating wrong

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There’s no point in recognising that you need to have boundaries if you don’t apply them.There is a reason why there are code amber and code red behaviours – one is stop, look, listen, and if comfortable, proceed with caution and the other is abort mission.Stop asking for the person that crossed or even busted your boundaries in the first place to validate your observation!It’s like being sexually harassed by a manager and then filing a complaint about them with them.They also communicate to others not only how they can treat you and what to expect from you, but also what they’re likely to get away with.It’s as I talked about a few weeks back in my Broken Windows post – let certain things slide by and it becomes a green light for them to bust up your boundaries even further.

You should be bouncing them because you have no room for certain types of behaviour or for feeling bad about yourself. They don’t need a lecture on the error of their ways or an attempt to make them feel bad about something they’re entirely comfortable with being and doing, even if in your eyes, you think it’s outrageous and ‘needs’ to change – you need it to change; they don’t.

I just want you to see my point of view, to change, to make me the exception.

Don’t leave me.” One of the challenges some people set themselves up for after recognising that they’ve been in an unhealthy relationship, often with code amber and red behaviours waving in their face, is to try to apply their new found knowledge with the same types of people or even with an old partner, which kinda defeats the purpose.

Alhamdullilah in that sense, I am actually blessed with 2 mothers in my life.

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