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Those of my colleagues whose invaluable contribu- tions to this co-operative enterprise can be precisely noted are as follows: The historian who performed most of the original research in German materials and by his monographs on German actions provided in effect a companion manuscript to the author's American story was Lucian Heichler. OPERATION MARKET-GARDEN 119 The Germans in the Netherlands 123 Seven Days for Planning 127 What Did the Germans Know? INVASION FROM THE SKY 140 "a remarkably beautiful late summer day" 140 Hell's Highway 143 Six Bridges and a Ridge 154 Taking the Objectives lt0 The Red Devils at Arnhem 170 VIII. THE APPROACHES TO ANTWERP 207 The Controversy About Antwerp 209 The Battle of the Schelde 215 Baptism of Fire 222 South Beveland and Walcheren 227 Something Beastly in Antwerp 229 X. Drive From the Albert Canal to the West Wall, XIX Corps, 10-19 September 1944 97 2. The Huertgen Forest, 16 November-9 December 1944 VII. Hodges 21 Thirteen Commanders of the Western Front 22 Captured Panzerfaust 26 Captured Nebelwerfer 28 Plan of Typical German Pillbox 32 Interior of German Pillbox 33 Maj. The equivalent of five divisions had been corralled in the Channel Islands and the coastal "for- tresses." Rundstedt estimated that his forces were equivalent to about half the number of Allied divisions.

XI To list all present and former officials of the Office of the Chief of Military History who by their advice and support helped make the work possible would be prohibitively lengthy. The maps, which serve not only to illustrate the narrative but also to tie diverse actions together, are the work of Charles V. On the other hand, the author alone is responsible for interpretations made and conclusions drawn, as well as for any errors of omission or commission which may appear. ACTION ON THE NORTH WING 96 Defense of the Albert 98 From the Albert to the Border 101 Delay in the Assault 112 PART TWO An Airborne Carpet in the North VI. 628 BIBLIOGRAPHICAL NOTE 629 GLOSSARY 633 CODE NAMES 636 BASIC MILITARY MAP SYMBOLS 637 INDEX 641 Maps 1. XIX Corps Breaks Through the West Wall, 2-7 October 1944 VI. Most had incurred severe losses in both men and equipment, and many were badly demoralized from con- stant defeat in the field.

C., 1993 Library of Congress Catalog Card Number: 62-60001 First Printed 1963 — CMH Pub 7-7-1 For sale by the Superintendent of Documents, U. THE BIG PICTURE IN OCTOBER 377 Air Support 381 An Enigma Named Logistics 382 XVII. 602 Heartbreak Crossroads 606 Something in the Air 611 The VIII Corps in the Ardennes— Eif el 612 XXVII. In this volume, the term Com- mander in Chief West will be used to refer to the person holding the title Oberbefehlshaber West, while the abbreviated form OB WEST will refer to his headquarters. Materiel estimates are from Cole, The Lorraine Campaign, p. 13 AAF Staff Control Aircraft Inventory, Com- bined Allied vs. In the entire Luftwaffe the Ger- mans had only 4,507 serviceable planes, and most of these had to be retained within Germany to contest Allied strategic bombers.

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But whatever the period may lack in sweeping accomplishment it makes up in human drama and variety of combat actions. Exclusive of the forces in southern France, Allied casualties from 6 June to 1 1 September were 39,96 1 killed, 164,466 wounded, and 20,142 For Third Army operations in Lorraine, see H. Cole, The Lorraine Campaign, UNITED STATES ARMY IN WORLD WAR II (Wash- ington, 1950). 27 May 44, SHAEF SGS 381 Post Overlord Planning, I.

Glitter and dash were conspicu- ously absent in most of the Siegfried Line fighting. Gerhard Wilck 317 Aachen Munster 318 View of Ruined Aachen 319 Urft Dam Facing 321 Schwammenauel Dam 325 Kali Trail 354 and 356 Weasel 370 The Huertgen Forest Facing 375 Lt. 7 A most encouraging feature of Allied success was that casualties had been lighter than expected.

This has been their way of gaining space to tell of the whirlwind advances and more spectacular command decisions of other months. 391 General der Panzertruppen Hasso von Manteuffel 394 A Rest Period Behind the Lines 398 155-mm. (Map I)* In the center was the 12th Army Group under Lt. 5 Accounts of British and Canadian operations may be found in: Field Marshal the Viscount Montgomery of Alamein, Normandy to the Baltic (Boston: Houghton Mifflin Company, 1948) ; Charles P. Most of the fighting immediately pre- ceding the crossing of the German border had been pursuit warfare. Except for the Third Army, which had been handicapped for five days while bearing the brunt of a gen- eral transportation shortage and gasoline drought, the Allied drive had reached its zenith during the period i-ji September. Army had taken time out near Mons, Belgium, to bag about 25,000 Germans in a giant pocket and make an abrupt change in direction, but still had covered approximately 200 miles.

Vann Woodward Johns Hopkins University Office of the Chief of Military History Brig. A lieutenant colonel in the Army Reserve, he holds the Purple Heart and the Silver Star. Preface Some who have written of World War II in Europe have dismissed the period between 1 1 September and 1 6 December 1 944 with a paragraph or two. In early evening, a reinforced company of the 109th Infantry, 28th Division, crossed the 1 Other members of the patrol: Cpl, Ralph F. A patrol from the 28th Division's 110th Infantry crossed a short while later near the village of Harspelt. Pogue, The Su- preme Command, UNITED STATES ARMY IN WORLD WAR II (Washington, 1954), pp. Montgomery, consisting of the First Can adian and Second British Armies. 4 For the story of the creation of the 6th Ariny Group, see Robert Ross Smith, The Riviera to the Rhine, a volume in preparation for the series UNITED STATES ARMY IN WORLD WAR II. During 1 1 September a patrol from the Third Army made contact with French units from the south near Dijon.

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