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Park Yoo Hwan, Mickey Yoochun’s little brother, is delightful in his turn as Seo Yeon’s younger brother.

There is this throwaway bit in episode 1 about how Ji Hyung and Seo Yeon first meet as teenagers, which posits that theirs is a very long-developing love story starting from when they were young until now when they are adults and in the throes of passionate and fiery love.

But the writing doesn’t really create that connection with the audience, instead using scenes such as their first meeting and all their making out and dysfunctional arguing to insist that the OTP are meant to be.

While the first teaser made it seem very mellow and sad, all the subsequent previews ramped up the yelling and the making out, which clued me in that this drama is really much more dramatic than what I prefer even more my melodrama guilty pleasures.

TDP has turned out to be a disappointment for me, only in terms of it not being to my tastes, and I was really looking forward to the return of Kim Rae Won paired with Su Ae.

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