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2012) 03-2053-3900 (Maybank-AMEX credit card promotion.

2014) 03-2058-3150 (Ace Jerneh Insurance telemarketer.

2011) 03-2037-1333 (AIA Insurance) 03-2037-1500 (AIA Insurance.

2011) 03-2050-4200 (Scammers; Contributed by Spatz.

In short, there is no recent and dependable website that has a list of telemarketer numbers which we can copy and paste into our phone blocking app.

I managed to find only one website that has a list of Malaysian telemarketer numbers, but that site has not been updated since 2009.

I am grateful to the original blogger who maintained the list of telemarketer numbers, and I have added that original list into my list below.

Added ) 03-2182-4488 (Scammers; Contributed by Frank.

Contributed by amieruliaz) 03-2035-9510 (Debt collectors.

Contributed by amieruliaz) 03-2036-3600 (UTS Marketing.

2012) 03-2261-4699 (Scammers) 03-2264-4000 (P&A Smart Solution Sdn.

2015) 03-2264-4800 (Alliance Insurance telemarketer.

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