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Species noted in 2007 include the Woodruff, Bird cherry, Primrose, Common violet, Oak, Stitchwort, Golden male (Scaly) fern, Bugle, Opposite-leaved Golden saxifrage, Bluebell, Dog's mercury, Broad buckler fern, Watercress, Lady fern, Male shield fern, Kidney vetch, Woodrush, Woodsedge, blackthorn, hawthorn, Marsh marigold, Foxglove, Sweet Cicely, Herb Robert, Red campion, Bistort, Ribwort plantain, Water avens, Wood avens, Moschatel, elm, alder, and many liverworts. A great danger is the presence of the alien invader, the Pink Purslane or Stewarton Flower which will spread rapidly and destroy the native herbs by out-competing them (2007). A new (2008) metalled path has been created through part of these woods, greatly improving access.

Conservative MP Bill Grant said: “I realise that the thought of someone being a risk to a loved one or family member would be distressing.The castle was built for the Lockart family who held the Barony of Galston; enthusiastic opponents of the Catholic faith.In 1670 the property was purchased by the Campbells of Cessnock Castle nearby.“The figures appear to reflect the population spread in Ayrshire, rather than to indicate that a particular community has a greater problem than another.It is situated in wooded countryside 4 miles up-river from Kilmarnock and is one a group of the small towns located in the Irvine Valley between the towns of Hurlford and Newmilns.

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