Reasons for dating a soccer player

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“Order a pint of Guinness and confidently enter into a debate about who is the best of the best.” Have the ammo to back up your claims, and maybe, suggests Burridge, a few obscure facts. “How Lionel Messi has come a long way since his debut match as a pro, where he lasted only 44 seconds before being thrown out.”Tuck away some trivia Which goal was scored with the “hand of God?

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A footballer sent a friend request to me; I accepted and now we are good friends supporting the same teams.“If you can strike up an intelligent conversation with men about the teams, players, and game,” she says, “you'll suddenly be the only girl in the room.” Soccer players are universally known to be the sexiest athletes, and their fans aren’t half-bad, either.As they stream out of the woodworks for the 2014 World Cup, admirers of those flat abs and strong calves emerge to grab a piece of the soccer pie.“Rule number one is do nottry and talk to someone watching the World Cup while it is on.If they are a big fan, then they are very engrossed in the game and do not want to make small talk.” Interrupting a soccer guy mid-match is like asking a neurosurgeon whether he prefers the Beatles or the Rolling Stones, mid-surgery. If he’s reeling from a loss, find a way to put a smile on his tear-stained face.

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