Pros and cons of dating your best friend

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[read the review on The Dream Awakes] Stay as Besties Some of the changes that’ll come along will be harsh and others a cake walk, but what is certain is that no matter what happens, as long as both of you are serious about your relationship you should always stay besties as this will cement a bond that will stand the test of time.If you’ve taken to teasing each other or pulling harmless pranks, don’t try to change those as long as both of you have enjoyed those times.You know for sure that you are not in love with him, but the hormones inside you force you to imagine having sex with him.You know for sure that you want to sleep with your best friend! He knows you better than anyone else and knows all of your secrets.What can be better than sharing a deep secret with your best friend by being his friend by day and fuck buddy by night?Think about not having to worry about not getting laid or ending up with some creep.You have a fun relationship with your best friend and there is no emotional drama involved to disrupt it.As said earlier, you both are friends by day and fuck buddies by night.

Your best friend is a relationship based on trust and understanding, to take it to another level is a commitment that must be ruminated over for quite a time by both parties before taking it to the next logical level.This is not usually the case even if he or she shares the same feelings for you.In friendship one is not expected to perform certain things and such but when besties take it to the romantic tier part, there’s going to be a lot of changes, whether you like it or not.Make Him/Her Understand Communication (or lack thereof) is the primary reason why plenty of relationships fail.It would be natural to assume that as your best friend, the person you’re about to start dating will be understanding and accepting no matter the outcome.

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