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I have yet to see any of his movies.[quote] who seems never to get any recognition. On one is really making money in porn anymore...yet, there's hell of a lot of people that want to get into it. He was the first African American porn actor nominated for Best Actor (Gay) before the gay portion of the AVN Awards became the Gay VN Awards. R51 , I'm not familiar with Damien Holt but your post reminded me of the first Black Stud I ever fell madly in lust with............ He must be close to 60 by now.[quote]you've been looking in all the wrong places. Share some pics, some info, or whatever you like about them! He's straight, and to my knowledge has only done straight porn. He definitely bottomed, numerous times.[quote]I would like to see more black performers in the larger budget gay studios. If you're like everyone else you head over to xtube, or google porn (whatever you like), and click on the "video" tab. Prior to his pornographic film career, he worked as a Navy medical corpsman and dancer. That's nothing considering that this stuff will follow you for the rest of your life. I've personally never hired an escort but the work fascinates me. I've personally never hired an escort but the work fascinates me. I met him a few times when he was doing jackoff shows at the Midtowne Spa in LA. In retrospect, I wish I'd hired him as an escort back then.

But 2 of my checks bounced but he paid the extra fees in town on them 2. So I show up he's not there but they rushing me n I say wassup the camera guy is new to me, he said he on the way but shows up 1 hr late. Cheers to all of Datalounges brain dead r86 I was just about to mention BP. I heard he put on a lot of weight, but I would still tear that ass up!

SEXY the way he licks the cum off first and kisses him with it right there. Buff jock guys like Robert Craig, Hagan/Taj (Fratpad, Corbin Fisher, Chaosmen), Chad (Sean Cody), Riddick Stone (Nextdoor), Carter (Corbin Fisher), Dante (Sean Cody), Sean Zevran, Adrian Hart, Dominic Santos (RB), Robert Axel, and Jay Landford (Randy Blue). The "thug" stuff has its place, but we should have more diversity. FYI (although it is barely readable)Wednesday, November 13, 2013Adult Star Tango speaks out on Arguement with Black Rayne owner Que Of course I am very privileged to bring a lot of hot stories to the viewers of The Scoop. A few weeks ago story broke that Adult Entertainer, Tango formerly of Black Rayne's "Breed it Raw", was not paid for his most recent scene.

Deangelo Jackson is one of the few dudes in black videos that fits into the masculine college jock fantasy. I know beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but that Slim Thug is ghastly to me. Well we have the words straight from the horses mouth on the events of the day.

The truth is that a well hung and built black gay man doesn't have to do porn to be a successful escort who makes much more money than any porn performer or any white male escort.

Most of the guys who do urban porn are either desperate for money or have dreams of stardom.

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