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A study named Singles in America launched on February 2016, showed that 70% of singles, in particular those supporting Hillary Clinton, were more likely to discuss politics on a first date.

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Q: Please list three tips for keeping conversations neutral when politics come up on a date? Make an amicable agreement not to talk politics at all on a date. If you’re on a date and friends start to talk politics, don’t get swept into the conversation.

So it should come as no surprise that she's cashing in on her newfound fame by performing at our nation's finest gentlemen's clubs as part of her flawlessly-titled Make America Horny Again tour.

Sacha Baron Cohen is the man behind Borat and therefore the man responsible for the catchphrases of all of your most annoying friends over the past decade.

This time, he staged a satirical interview with former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin.

In case you've somehow been blissfully unaware of his existence, allow us to fill you in on the newly-hatched-larva-turned-Trump-policy-advisor whos's adopted the human name of Stephen Miller. After widespread national and international backlash and Melania Trump's "I don't really care" controversy, Donald Trump finally retracted his family separation immigration policy.

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