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Looking for fantastic last-minute Broadway tickets? Here's what you need to know about scoring the seats you want. If there's a specific show you want to see on a certain date, but you've looked online in the past and no tickets were available, check that same show's Telecharge or...

I have to be honest, I did not expect to enjoy watching The Royals on E! Although, I'm not surprised that I gave it a chance.

Looking for tickets to upcoming Scars On Broadway tour dates or events? If you are flying in to see a Broadway show then being flexible isn't always possible, but if you can pick and choose which dates you want to see a Broadway show on, you can find cheap Broadway tickets much more easily.

Also featured is original music from the 1997 film as well as " Journey to the Past," which was an Oscar-nominated hit. Visit the Box Office to inquire about day-of ticket cancellations and to avoid purchase fees.

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They are all relative unknowns with the exception of Elizabeth Hurley, so this piqued my curiosity. This is especially true when it comes to their love lives. She plays the troubled Princess Eleanor, who is in a dysfunctional relationship with her security guard full of blackmail. This means that her fans will want to know all about her personal life. The other night I was "Handbag boy" for @alexandrapark1 as she strutted the carpet for #okmagazine. I clicked the link in his Instagram profile for Velvet Sea, which is a described as a "full service creative agency." Cheadle's Linked In profile lists him as a "Social Media and Marketing Professional, Content Producer, Copywriter, Professional Surfer, DJ, Model." Wow, that's a lot of commas, it looks like Alexandra Park nabbed herself a real renaissance man.

V series in “The Royals” that looks like they are one cute couple but of course are just best buds off stage.

Even though they are not together romantically, that proves they are best friends and love each other just the same.

The animal exhibits are excellent for inspiring conversation, and the zoo offers many quiet spots to enjoy conversation between the exhibits.

Exotic animals like snow leopards, monkeys and penguins are unique and entertaining and can also make for a few good laughs.

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