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Unavailable Artifacts for Incremental Export Key Resources Changes to Labels and Threshold Values in Activity Report Oracle has lowered the display threshold for the following metrics in the Activity Report to 2 seconds.Additionally, the labels of these metrics have been modified to reflect these changes.Key Resources Simpler Member Selector To select items in the Member Selector, you are no longer required to click the checkmark.You can now simply select an item by clicking on it or by selecting the checkmark as before.Option to Show Hidden Files in the Financial Reporting Web Studio Repository By default, hidden artifacts are not displayed in Financial Reporting Web Studio.If you need to edit an artifact that is hidden, you can now "unhide" the artifact and edit it directly in the Financial Reporting Web Studio repository.It must be used in conjunction with Data Management to complete setup tasks such as registering source systems or target applications.

Oracle recommends that you download the maintenance snapshot every day to a local server.

It is fully embedded within the simplified interface and customers can now work with integrations as they do with other planning tasks.

Currently, Data Integration is available as a preview version only for Planning and Budgeting Cloud, Enterprise Planning and Budgeting Cloud, and Strategic Workforce Planning Cloud Service Administrators.

This version also includes changes to the following commands to make them consistent with other file operation commands: Migration Export Scenarios: Clone and Incremental Export Migration has been enhanced to differentiate two export scenarios: Backup to create a snapshot that can be used to clone an environment, for example to migrate an application from a production instance to a test instance for troubleshooting or additional development work.

When you backup the environment, you create a snapshot of the entire environment, similar to the daily maintenance snapshot, by exporting the application with all of its data and artifacts including artifacts belonging to Document Repository, Data Management, Calculation Manager, Relational and Essbase data, and Groups and Membership.

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