My computer keeps updating when shutting down dating naruto fans

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Forcing an install at the next reboot (when the user reboots, not just doing it) is another."How do we trick people into opening our ad on the webpages we advertise on, people?""Well, you advertise on pages where customers go to download things, so why don't we make our ad look like a big green button with the word ' Download' on it?So the one which was on the left side for a decade is now suddenly on the right side...

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Case in point, the chief electrical engineer at my company has Windows 7 set to "Never Update".Then another day I got a notification that Windows wanted to restart to apply an update. Windows will only force a restart if so much time has passed since an update was downloaded and it still hasn't been restarted so those can be i understand from the OP, code review and bootloader references this isnt grandma your dealing with. so cap the BS about "#1 security risk" when all we want is control when we need control. Okay, I'm here for the meeting, bright and shiny, 8am, get some coffee, this is going to be great meeting, a crucial meeting since the client is here, boy do I want to shine today, now let's power on the old laptop and ... MS did this on purpose to counteract the people that never shut their computer off or allow it to update (they always clicked no).I wanted to tell it no way, but the only option I was presented with was to defer it to another date. I spent some time researching the issue online and found out how to turn off automatic updates. But then a few minutes ago that scheduled update that I'd deferred popped up again and was ready to shut down my PC and again I canceled it, and I examined the dialog box that came up and seeing no option to prevent it from shutting down ever I set it to a week in the future and clicked OKAY. the option is not even there for home users, and i have no need for anything from the enterprise version for my simple home use other than control i choose. Okay, end of day, time to catch my train, shut down the old laptop, and .... These people are in fact the majority of the user base and are consequently also the people who frequently have security issues. I hope that eventually, Windows will gain the ability to update without having to restart.Wait till you get the blocking overlay/banner that says you need to reboot and only gives you an option to let it.It doesn't matter what you're doing, it's shutting down NOW and you can forget whatever is opened and unsaved because you won't be given a chance to save it. The range of different people doing different things is so enormous that Microsoft cannot possibly make a change without either endangering one group or enraging another.

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