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Visitors from Mumbai, India as well as around the world can see real time live images of some of the Mumbai's most interesting places, monument, tourists spots, peoples life, Weather, traffic, events, sea beaches, and Mumbai’s Crowd. Favorite choice of tourist people is Mumbai, because Bollywood, stock exchange, Chowpatty, Corporate houses and many things that make Mumbai a popular choice in travel related people. There are many web cameras In India at various locations.

By streaming live webcams visitors can view what is happening in the Mumbai right now. Visitors from other countries search Indian webcams.

CCTV or web cams get heavily used in monitoring & controlling traffic on roads in advanced countries like U. Companies like Wipro has transportation command center at Pune. They just have to install webcams on roads & publish on web page.

It manages cabs & buses every day for its employees. Command center can locate where their vehicles are & it is connected with drivers but missing part is that there is no way to see traffic on road by command center people. Remaining work will get done by admin department of private firms in choosing less traffic routes for their vehicles.

Presentations, Meetings, speeches & lectures can all be held remotely using webcam.

Webcam assists in taking personal interviews of candidates placed at remote locations via video conference.

So hiring options of an organization widens who uses web cam technologies effectively.

It assists builder or real estate agents community to publish live video of their site under construction.

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Compared to our country, people in other advanced countries are much disciplined in maintaining traffic laws.It gets dark at 4pm in evening & snow falls keep happening frequently.Same way if you will go to Amsterdam, Netherlands related web cams pages then you will get to see the pubs, water parks, beaches, palaces, zoos, roads, ports etc.Web cam helps farmers in studying advance practices of agriculture from subject matter experts.Web camera can help businesses conduct meetings without expense of travel costs & taxing on valuable time of their employees.

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