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Carrington eventually relented, believing it was his only choice, but when they met up, alleges Graden tried to drug him with a cocktail then assaulted him.

Plus, with the amount of booze and partying Jersey Shore is known for, it’s not surprising.Afterward, Carrington says the exec drove him back to his house and started kissing him, growing violent and warning that if he “did not have sex with him, he would destroy any chance [he] had of building a career in the entertainment industry,” the suit alleges.Carrington says he was “defeated” and allowed Grey to give him oral sex.Jen told police that her actions were strictly out of self-defense after her “put her in a headlock,” saying she waved the bat at him in an attempt to “scare” her ex. There’s one member of the original Jersey Shore cast who’s noticeably absent from the reunion, and that’s Ron’s ex Sammi “Sweetheart.” Before the reunion premiere, Sammi wrote on Instagram that she chose not to be part of the show in order to “avoid potentially toxic situations.”Ronnie himself opened up about how he felt about Sammi not coming back to the show, telling , “everyone thinks it’s because of me she didn’t come back, but it’s because she has a boyfriend.” Naturally, the rest of the Jersey Shore cast brought up Sammi’s absence on a recent episode of the reunion, shedding light on a sinister aspect of the couple’s explosive relationship.In a confessional, Deena claimed that after the show ended, Ronnie had a hard time moving on.

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