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It is not like the Hebrew Bible, and can’t be compared to the Gospels.

It doesn’t tell us the story of a person or a people.

He was imprisoned in Mornaguia Prison on 29 November 2011 pursuant to an order issued by the Court of First Instance of Grombalia for excavation of artefacts without a licence (case No. On 27 December 2011, he was released after charges against him were dismissed.

On 29 June 2007 Brescia's Assise Court of Appeal sentenced him to seven years of imprisonment and subsequent expulsion for being part of a terrorist association.

On 18 July 2008 the Supreme Court of Italy confirmed the sentence.

Al-Trabelsi maintained frequent contact with Noureddine ben Ali ben Belkassem al-Drissi (QDi.149), who was in Iraq, as a way to reach Ansar al-Islam.

He also provided financial support for Ansar al-Islam.

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