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Suggested from a thread in Zaratan's Kim Possible Discussion forum. With great thanks to my wife, my beta and his girlfriend, and my (adopted by me) little sisters.

Kim and her mother both defy the odds and become pregnant. Genre changed, since the story has gone in new directions. Most especially, with love to all of the moms out there.

Monique didn't need to be a genius to figure that out. She managed to get Ron into some idle chat about normal topics: Rufus, Wrestling, Bueno nacho, etc. The ride home was mostly quite aside from the sound of breathing. Monique put her hand on his shoulder as he was getting out the car."Ron no matter what has happened you're not a loser. Ron looked at her for a second before busting out a true Ron style grin."Yea Mon no worries, the Ron-man never gets rained on.

Monique barely noticed that Ron had went around her and started walking in the direction of his house. I'll see ya later." He said before getting out and walking into the house.

The Ronunicator she thinks it was called."Ron must have dropped it I'll give it to him tomorrow." She said pretty much to herself as she walked in the house pocketing the communicator.

THE END reviews are very welcome as are any help that can be offered.

Orderlies were as busy reinforcing the security teams as they were at the usual chores of shuffling patients and changing beds.

All of the activity was centered around the maternity ward.

As if that weren't enough excitement, eminent brain surgeon Anne Possible was also housed in the same ward, having just delivered of a little girl.He groaned as he heard footsteps coming towards him. " Ron said lifting his head up further tearing his eyes away from the shapely legs before him.He lifted his head of the ground enough to see a pair of slender brown legs in front of him."Ron? Her found a pair of dark brown eyes looking back into his own. Ron gave her a hard look before shaking his head and standing up.Monique could tell her boy had been crying."What's wrong Ron? Monique backed up as Ron stood up and she got a good look at him.The front of his trademark red jersey was soaked in water. Overall he looked like hell."Ron what-" Monique started to ask before Ron shook his head and just walked past her mumbling to himself incoherently.

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