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If you like these shows you can always pay the perfomer in tokens or real money.

Whether you've got time to show your partner in love or not, casually mention you forgot your thong today. Day 6: Sweets For Your Sweet Sneak your love's favorite sweet somewhere, and add a little love note. Find a Shakespeare love quote via your BFF Google, and add it with those Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. Day 7: Return to the Beginning Make it a point to spend even just a few minutes back where you met — or where you had your first date. Perhaps the winner gets to pick out his or her favorite "sexual" favor as a prize. Day 17: Wedding Song Send an audio or video clip of your wedding song, or if you're a hopeless romantic, write out the words to your sweetie and hit send. Channel your anger and handcuff your hot stuff and tease away! Before you roll your eyes, this will be not only fun but also funny. It's the thrill of the chase and buildup, isn't it? And as your partner feeds you a bite at a time, you remove one article of clothes. Day 20: Officer, We Have an Arrest Too tired for sex but feeling a little pissed off? Then, watch it alone a few days later, but no matter how fat you think your thighs are (they're not! Changing "location" is good for your sex life, and a public act just ups the excitement. Day 11: The Quickie Pick 20 minutes out of your day — whether it's during a nap, midnight, or 5 in the morning, and have a quickie with your partner . Day 13: The Public Act Pick a public place to get naughty. If you can't get a babysitter, fool around in the car late at night. Sure, but once all the "body parts" activate, you won't feel so stupid.

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