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That was the beginning of a dawning realization that my own book could contribute to this kind of unhealthy culture in a family or in a church community. Stepping away from being “the leader with answers” to being “a student with questions” gave me a willingness to engage with new perspectives—even those that made me uncomfortable.

Studying church history helped me see that every generation of Christians has blind spots and makes mistakes.

It has to do with the kind of Christian communities we form.

It has to do with how we conceive of healthy practices for Christian living.

I’m truly thankful to be sharing my space at True Love with Joshua Harris today. It feels like just yesterday I was that 16-year-old girl, sitting under a tree at Creation Fest East, listening to him share about his best-selling book, It swept the nation like wildfire and totally changed the dating culture within the Church.

Fast forward a couple decades, and here we are today, taking a second look at how his book impacted the dating scene – in both good ways, and not so good ways.

When I told her about my journey of reevaluating my own book we began a discussion that eventually led to a documentary film project called 3. Many people have wanted me to quickly make a statement about how I view my book now—either an apology or a defense. I asked one of my professors to oversee a process of study in which I examined the historical, spiritual and sociological factors at work in the church when I wrote my book and in the twenty years after its release.

I read hundreds of stories from people who were influenced by my book and had phone conversations with many of them.

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My eyes were opened to the fact that in a church culture even well-intentioned practices and godly values can be applied in a way that deeply hurt people. Two years ago I stepped down from being a pastor to attend a graduate school of theology (it’s a long story and I talk more about it ).

I reread my book and examined how it aligned with Scripture.

The vision for the documentary is to capture more of this journey as I meet face-to-face with both readers as well as Christian authors and thinkers who are addressing the topic of singleness, sex, romance and dating.

It was called “I Kissed Dating Goodbye.” When it first came out in 1997, a lot of people read it. And many others thought it was terrible — and told me so.

For a long time I ignored the voices of those who didn’t appreciate my book or its ideas on relationships.

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