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“Online culture represents the worst forms of gang violence.”Digital dating violence tends to manifest in one of three ways against young people: privacy, pressure, and control.Teens may experience invasion of their privacy, such as having social media accounts hacked or surveilled.It can include psychological abuse, emotional blackmail, sexual abuse, physical abuse and psychological manipulation.Dating violence crosses all racial, age, economic and social lines.It is also when one partner tries to maintain power and control over the other through abuse/violence.This abuse/violence can take a number of forms: sexual assault, sexual harassment, threats, physical violence, verbal, mental, or emotional abuse, social sabotage, and stalking.The Center for Relationship Abuse Awareness describes dating abuse as a "pattern of abusive and coercive behaviors used to maintain power and control over a former or current intimate partner." Individuals of all walks of life can find themselves in an abusive relationship.Abuse can occur regardless of the couple's age, race, income, or other demographic traits.

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To quote Michelle Garcia, former Director of the Stalking Resource Center, the Internet is “the crime scene of the 21st century.”The National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges works to enhance judicial skills to promote safety and batterer accountability through their program, the National Judicial Institute on Domestic Violence.

Prevents you from spending time with friends or family.

Threatens or intimidates you in order to get their way.

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Dating abuse or dating violence is defined as the perpetration or threat of an act of violence by at least one member of an unmarried couple on the other member within the context of dating or courtship.

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