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In the last few years, Rail Simulator has changed its name to Train Simulator 2016.

As the world market has shaken out, Australian Trainz in 2014-2015 upgraded itself with Trainz: A New Era, still servicing the wider route builder and driving markets, but now matching the 64bit computing and graphics of Train Simulator 2013, 2015, and Train Simulator 2016.

You are to locate the epicenter of an earthquake by making simple measurement on three seismograms that will be sent to you by the program.

Additionally, you will be required to determine the Richter Magnitude of that quake from the same recordings.

The game simulated a journey of the Southern Belle steam passenger train from London Victoria to Brighton, while at the same time the player must comply with speed limits, not to go too fast on curves and keep to the schedule. Other train driving simulation software includes: The PC game 3D Ultra Lionel Traintown, amongst some others, give a different experience to driving, by being in a 3rd person omniscient perspective, controlling the trains from a bird's eye view. Rail Driver is a programmable desktop cab controller with throttle, brake lever and switches designed to work with Trainz, Train Master, Microsoft Train Simulator and Rail Simulator.

Peripherals specifically designed for use with driving simulations include Rail Driver by US manufacturer P. Railroad-themed strategy simulation video games are focused mostly on the economic part of the railroad industry rather than on technical detail.

Richter Magnitude is an estimate of the amount of energy released during and earthquake.

Upon completion of this activity you will be given the opportunity to receive a personalized Certificate as a "Virtual Seismologist." In order to get this certificate, you must make careful measurements throughout the activity.

There are two broad categories of train simulation video games: driving simulation and strategy simulation.The actual certificate is much larger than the one displayed above.A train simulator (also railroad simulator or railway simulator) is a computer based simulation of rail transport operations.: A completely revised version of Virtual Earthquake can be found HERE.This new Java applet based version is more inquiry-based than the original version and contains tools so instructors can assess student learning.

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