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Many were left unemployed after the War of Spanish Succession (1701-1714) and turned to piracy to make a living.This is often referred to as the "Golden Age of Piracy", during which time a large portion of maritime commerce was violated and plundered.Unlike the many muskets, carbines and pistols used throughout history, the blunderbuss was a fast and loose weapon.Lacking in accuracy or range, it was a blunt and crude weapon used for fighting in close quarters on land or sea.

Their flags would be revealed just before they attacked, revealing their identity to strike terror into the hearts of those being raided.They would then board forcefully using axes, pistols, cutlasses, pikes and other weapons in addition to the blunderbuss.One of a pirate's best weapons was their reputation.While some of these items might damage the barrel, they could be utilized in a fight if they became necessary.Blunderbusses were also used for crowd control or clearing the decks-- just having it in hand made for a strong deterrent to any challengers or mutineers.

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