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It's a little strange and concerning when someone refuses to call someone a girlfriend or boyfriend. Ultimately, for guys at least, calling someone a "girlfriend" is a step toward commitment.And you women know how scared us guys are of commitment.

You're no longer "friends with benefits," or "casually dating," which is another step in intensity.

When she politely declined an invitation to round two during Charlotte and Harry's wedding, he proceeded to use his best man speech as a platform to call out Carrie for rejecting him. The worst in a trio of "freaks" Carrie went through in the beginning of Season 2, she dubbed this guy "The Man with Two Faces." He was sweet and funny with her, but then suddenly snapped at the people standing behind them for no good reason. He was an independent film producer who had just received acclaim for his documentary on seagulls. When Carrie was studying women who date like men in the first episode, she turned to Kurt Harrington.

That kind of unpredictable aggression is a big fat red flag. Except he didn't care one bit about the seagulls—they were just his stepping stone to fame and success in the corporate movie world. He's basically just sex organs on legs, with little desire for anything beyond that level of interaction.

So he may have mistakenly thought Carrie was a high-class escort and left an envelope of cash by the bed after their time together—but they had fun and, to be fair, Carrie's friend who introduced them There's an unwritten rule in dating: don't try to turn your f*ck buddy into your boyfriend.

To be clear, a f*ck buddy is not the same thing as a friend with benefits, because there is no underlying friendship.

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