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The problem arose this week when both of them asked me if I was willing to be exclusive. There is absolutely no reason you should feel bad about it.

If they didn't like the arrangement, they were free to walk.

I think the fact that he did that is why I never went back into things with him full-force and exclusive again. :love: i understand where some of you are coming from about choosing neither one.

But he really is such a great catch, he is incredibly sweet, smart, responsible, funny and very successful. We've been close friends for years, and I know him very well and that he is a total playboy. Anyway, I'm starting to think you guys are right, and neither one may be the answer. Oh, and on another note, I do believe that guys do this stuff all the time... I had a feeling that would be the general response as it's also what I would say, looking in from the outside. and u have no idea how difficult it is to walk away from when u get tangled into it.

Then one day he flipped out out of nowhere and broke up with me, telling me that he thought I cheated on him.

(I hadn't) Anyway, after him, I suddenly found sparks with one of my super close friends.

Tell each who the other person is, promise not to start any further romantic connections (if necessary), and if they can deal with it, have relationships with both.But the thing is, I really do just want to be exclusive with someone, I am just wondering... I realize that there is a time limit to the whole dating around thing and that I need to now make some sort of decision. Or can you keep dating them both for a little longer? With my boyfriend, I knew I wanted exclusivity with him after the third date! If your having sex with both of them, than that's rather skanky if you ask's been three months now that I've been dating them both, but i am still equally torn. If another guy had come into the picture, I liked my boyfriend so much, the other guy would probably not have stood a chance. But the ex broke up with you for no reason, how do you know he won't do it again?But let me just add that nope I'm not sleeping with both of them...I think i'd be physically incapable of doing that, how tiring :-P Yes, ex did dump me before.

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