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They stage such events to get the media to publicize not something informative or definitive but a plan, a task force, a commitment to study the problem further because the assembled are so very concerned.

The reporter has seen it before, especially with Susan Golding’s office.

Of those who use the emergency room, 60 percent don’t require urgent care. People without health insurance or a primary care physician tend to seek immediate relief for influenza or a bloody nose.

Sure enough, it’s just as Kim feared: Jacob says she’ll be announcing a “joint effort” to “establish guidelines” for emergency rooms, so today we will introduce to you the media—and, thus, you at home—the people who will work together (at a later date) to establish those guidelines.September 14, 2000) Day-of-Air Today at the East County Community Health Services clinic in El Cajon, Supervisor Dianne Jacob is holding a “newser,” an announcement directed at the media.Because Scripps East Hospital in El Cajon has recently closed, Jacob wants people to know Grossmont is the nearest hospital for emergencies.Sure, there’s a valid medical message to cover, but administrators are the snooziest talking heads of all.“The message,” Klein says, “gets lost when you show a crowd of people.

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