Error updating a list item unknown error

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; = (function(){ return { "click Tale Configuration": , "Internal Content Config": , "Mwf Configuration": , "Rps Sign In Info": , "Site Content Config": { "Link Farm Enabled": true, "One Site Service Uri": "

After adding this line don’t forget to save and publish your workflow in Share Point Designer.

I had been doing extensive testing and ever since adding this to the end of the workflow it seems the problem was solved.

The error message is (typical Sharepoint) amazingly unhelpful. This could be caused by an item checked-out in the list, a file type that can't be updated (the item the loop dies on today is a PDF file I think, where all the preceding ones are Word Documents), or any number of other reasons.

field with the human-friendly full name of each document.

Because of SP limitations when displaying items (basically, I can only get the pulldown menu of edit options for an item on the Name field), I want to bulk-update the Name field, by looping over the items in the list, using the Update Item action to copy I have roughly 100 documents in the library at the moment.

It seems that workflows without the “Stop” action might be left in a state of wonder.

It looks like forcing the Stop action has solved my issue.

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