Enver gjokaj and dichen lachman dating

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Synopsis: “Joss Whedon, creator of groundbreaking cult favorites “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” and “Firefly,” returns to television and reunites with fellow “Buffy” alumna Eliza Dushku for a thrilling new drama, Echo (Dushku) is an “Active”: a member of a highly illegal and underground group of individuals who have had their personalities wiped clean so they can be imprinted with new personas.

Hired by the wealthy, powerful and connected, the Actives don’t just perform their hired roles, they wholly become – with mind, personality and physiology – whomever the client wants or needs them to be.

Certains membres du casting ont eu l'occasion de se retrouver.

Fran Kranz, Dichen Lachman, Enver Gjokaj, Miracle Laurie et Felicia Day se sont rencontrés en effet sur le tournage de Dollhouse, la série créée en 2009 par Joss Whedon.

She wore many different hats but for me I just got to be an actor for this, which was a total pleasure.

Anton (King), the director, gave me total layaway and I made the character my own. MG: Jake was definitely a funny character, tell what you enjoyed most about him?

Whether imprinted to be a lover, an assassin, a corporate negotiator or a best friend, the Actives know no other life than the specific engagements they are in at that time.

Alors que plusieurs opportunités s'offrent enfin à lui, il découvre la source du conflit entre Cali et Mila et le trio va devoir exposer et comparer ses conceptions de l'amour.

I have made though so many great friends from that show.

Dichen (Lachman) and I are practically best friends.

L'acharnement béat d'Astor lui gâche sa seule chance de séduire la belle Mila, son amour d'enfance.

Convaincu qu'il a besoin de plus d'expérience avec les femmes pour la reconquérir, ce dernier demande à Cali, l'ex-meilleure amie de Mila, de lui apprendre comment séduire les femmes.

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