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Seeing an opportunity, the nascent studio decided that it would do a soft reboot of the character and incorporate the Hulk into the MCU — although Universal still retained the right to distribute any future Hulk standalone movies.So even though four of the first five Marvel Studios movies were distributed by Paramount (until Disney bought Marvel in 2009), at a press screening just a couple of weeks before it was released in theaters.But it was only in 1996 when she landed her first significant lead role in Bernardo Bertolucci's Stealing Beauty. During filming in New Zealand, Liv has learned to speak the fictitious Elvish language Liv Tyler, daughter of rock star legend Steven Tyler, is an American film actress most known for playing the role of Arwen Undomiel in Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings trilogy.In 1998, Liv played Grace Stamper, Bruce Willis' daughter in the summer blockbuster hit Armageddon. People also remember her from her earlier work in the 1995 cult hit Empire Records and in her appearance with Alicia Silverstone in the music video of Aerosmith's "Crazy".The film opens with Banner hiding out in a favela in Rio, but unlike previous (and future) iterations of the character, he's not helping people there as a doctor.He's working in a soda bottling factory while tracking a flower that may be able to provide an antidote to his condition.

was more or less a reclamation project and a gamble, while Norton was a healthy, thriving, A-list talent.

He shows occasional flashes of both anger and humanity, but he's mostly a cipher, allowing himself to be chased from one situation to another without ever fully taking charge of his own story until the end, when he chooses for the first time to Hulk out in order to face the Abomination.

The most interesting character is Roth's Emil Blonsky, who sees the super soldier serum as a way to salvage his aging body and make himself useful for years to come as a military operative.

There was a level of anticipation and excitement for the film because Marvel had reportedly overhauled the entire concept, moving away from the arthouse-meets-comic-art esthetic of Ang Lee's film while also incorporating more material from the comic books themselves.

Behind the camera was Louis Leterrier, a French director who had proven himself capable of creating kinetic actions sequences in films like And in front of the camera was a whole new cast, led by Edward Norton as Bruce Banner/The Hulk.

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