Disable cpanellogd updating bandwidth

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Reset or correct this password, and re-execute the backupscript.eximstats---------● The eximstats daemon is responsible for harvesting bandwidthinformation from exim transactions.● Continually monitors the exim_mainlog, and stores information in theeximstats database, including host and sender information, messagesize, and transaction times.● Is started with the c Panel service, but can be called directly at /usr/local/cpanel/bin/eximstats● Heavily mysql dependent– data is stored in the 'eximstats' database.● 'eximstats' mysql user password is stored in /var/cpanel/eximstatspass.– password is generated by /usr/local/cpanel/bin/eximstatspass● Database can be installed by running /usr/local/cpanel/bin/updateeximstatsc Panel Maintenance-----------------● Update configuration● Update scripts● Applying updates● By default, c Panel applies nightly updates at AM in the root crontab.● /scripts/upcp dispatches these updates, using the following keycomponents:– /scripts/updatenow - synchronize /scripts directory– /scripts/sysup - updates c Panel managed rpms– /scripts/rpmup - all other system updates● Updates are logged to timestamped files in /var/cpanel/updatelogs● Update configuration is stored in /etc//etc/cpupdate.conf-----------------● The following variables are available in cpupdate.conf:– CPANEL = [ manual- ] stable | release | current | edge This variable controls which update branch is used forc Panel updates, and controls whether the updates are appliedmanually or automatically (Default value: release)– SYSUP = never (all other values are assumed true)– RPMUP = never (all other values are assumed true)CPANEL=current RPMUP=daily SYSUP=daily● c Panel updates can be called outside of the regularly scheduled crontime simply by executing /scripts/upcp.● If c Panel components are missing or corrupted that were not replacedwith the regular c Panel update, they can be replaced by executing /scripts/upcp –force Components of upcp------------------● /scripts/cpanelsync● /scripts/updatenow● /scripts/sysup● /scripts/rpmup/scripts/cpanelsync-----------------● /scripts/cpanelsync is called upon by /scripts/updatenow and /scripts/upcp● Provides md5sum based synchronization with update servers● md5sum table is stored in /destination_directory/.cpanelsync● Accepts three arguments host, remote path, local path :/scripts/cpanelsync 'httpupdate.cpanel.net''/cpanelsync/RELEASE/scripts' '/scripts'/scripts/updatenow-----------------Calls cpanelsync to update contents of scriptsdirectory, which then stores it's md5sum tableat /scripts/.cpanelsync● Should only be run from upcp, but can beexecuted from command line when '--fromupcp'is passed.● Is the first update script called upon from /scripts/upcp UPCP--RPMUPRPMUP--------● Calls the underlying package manager to apply system packageupdates● The package manager which is used is determined by the presenceof:– /var/cpanel/useup2date (Redhat)– /var/cpanel/useyum (Cent OS, Fedora)– /var/cpanel/useapt (Debian)– /var/cpanel/useswup (Trustix)– /var/cpanel/userug (Su SE)----------------● After updatenow, sysup, and rpmup complete, cpanelsync is used tocomplete the c Panel updates based on md5sum table stored at /usr/local/cpanel/.cpanelsync● If any special configurations are required on server after updates,they can be applied in /scripts/postupcp, which is executed if such afile exists and is executable.● Once updates complete, all c Panel services are restarted for changesto take effect------------------------------● /scripts/wwwacct (account creation)Accounts can be created via the command line using the followingsyntax: /scripts/wwwacct username password 0x n● /scripts/killacct (account termination)Takes a single argument of the user to terminate.● /scripts/suspendacct (account suspension)Will suspend an account from accessing all c Panel managedservices.● /scripts/unsuspendacct Will reinstate any account suspended via suspendacct● /scripts/addpop (Create pop account)Handles creation of virtual mail accounts.

Accepts either noarguments, or two arguments consisting of the e-mail address andpassword.● /scripts/updateuserdomains Updates the user:owner and user:domain tables stored in:– /etc/userdomains– /etc/trueuserdomains– /etc/trueuserowners– These tables are used to enumerate and keep track of accountsand their owners.----------------------● /scripts/ensurerpm Takes argument list of rpms, which are then passed to theunderlying package manager● /scripts/ensurepkg The equivalent of ensurerpm for Free BSD.

Additional services, which c Panel usually provides, for your users (for example, blogs, message boards, and shopping carts). Amazon Linux is functionally compatible with the Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® operating system.Cpanel Introduction--------------------Cpanel Important directories./usr/local/cpanel/var/cpanel/scripts/usr/local/cpanel---------------cpsrvdcpsrvd-sslcpkeyclt/usr/local/cpanel/bin-------------------*Houses only scripts and binaries which provide installationand configuration of many c Panel managed services Notable Contents:eximstatscheckperlmodules/usr/local/cpanel/logs--------------------CPSRVD -------access_log, error_log CPANELLOGD---stats_log CPKEYCLT------license_lo/usr/local/cpanel/base--------------------frontend-------x, x2,xmail,monsoonwebmail-------x, monsoonneomailhorde3rdparty-------squirrelmail, php Pg Admin, php My Admin/usr/local/cpanel/etc-------------------init -----------start | stop cpsrvd AND start | stop AND start | stop cppopexim----------cf, perlftptemplates ---proftpdhttptemplates --apache1--default, ssldefaultzonetemplates--simple, standard, standardvirtualftp/usr/local/cpanel/3rdparty-----------------------bin------php, stunnel, analog, awstats, webalizeretc------php.ini, ixed, ioncube/var/cpanel----------Houses proprietary configuration data for c Panel, including:● Primary c Panel configuration● User configurations● Reseller configurations● Accounting, conversion, and update logs● Bandwidth data● Customized service templates/var/cpanel---------- resellers features--packages--logs updatelogs--bandwidth--zone templates users---mainips/var/cpanel/cpanel.config-----------------------● The primary c Panel configuration file● Each variable within influences the way c Panel behaves● Variables are line delimited, with variables separated by an equal sign● If file does not exist, cpanel falls back to defaults/var/cpanel/resellers------------------Lists each reseller with a comma-delimited list of WHMresources that reseller has access to./var/cpanel/accounting.log------------------------Contains a list of accounting functions performed through WHM, including account removal and creation./var/cpanel/bandwidth--------------------● Files contain a list of the bandwidth history for each account.Each named after their respective user.● History files are stored in human-readable format, while actualbandwidth data are stored in round robin databases./var/cpanel/features------------------● File name is inherited from the feature list name● Contains a line delimited list of feature variables and a zero orone value● Variables control what c Panel resources are available to users/var/cpanel/packages-------------------● Contains a list of packages, named after the packages they represent● If package belongs to reseller, file name is prefixed with reseller name● Each of these values determines the values created in c Panel user file/var/cpanel/users----------------● Contains a list of c Panel user configuration files, named after the userthey pertain to.● Variables define account resources, themes, domains, etc.The scripts can be used to:● Update c Panel, and many of the services of which itmanages● Customize account creation routines● Perform backups of c Panel accounts● Install and update c Panel managed servicesc Panel Services-------------Services● CPSRVD● CHKSERVD● CPANELLOGD● CPBACKUP● EXIMSTATScpsrvd------● cpsrvd is the 'master' process for c Panel.● Handles and dispatches all requests made through the c Panel, WHM, and Webmail interfaces.● Logs to access_log and error_logcpsrvd and stunnel relationship---------------------------CPSRVD--2082-- Edit Privileges/Nameservers– Privileges are stored in /var/cpanel/resellersc Panel Services--------------Services● CPSRVD● CHKSERVD● CPANELLOGD● CPBACKUP● EXIMSTATSService Monitoring----------------● Located at /usr/local/cpanel/libexec/chkservd● chkservd is a scalable connection and process based service monitoringtool● Provides monitoring of CPU, Memory, and Disk usage● chkservd scans services once every eight minutes– Logs to /var/log/chkservd.log● Alerts are dispatched to server contact defined in Basic c Panel/WHMSetupchkservd Configuration--------------------● Monitored services are determined by values stored in /etc/chkserv.d/– Syntax: servicename:0 for no monitoring, servicename:1 formonitoring● Actions, expected responses, and failure events are defined inservice configuration files stored in /etc/chkserv.d/● Status files are stored in /var/run/chkservd/– Plus ( ) sign for active, Minus (-) sign for failedcpanellogd----------● cpanellogd is responsible for parsing and updating bandwidth logs, and dispatchingstatistics generators on each account, per their individual configurations.● Configured through Statistics Software Configuration and Tweak Settings in WHM● Statistics are compiled and stored for each account in /home//tmp, witheach respective statistics application being assigned it's own individual subdirectory./home//tmp ----webalizer, analog, awstats, urchin● Optional server-wide statistics configurations are stored in /etc/stats.conf, while user-specific configurations may reside in /home//tmp.● Notable Variables in /etc/stats.conf:– BLACKHOURS: Comma separated list of numeric values, whichspecify hours that logs may not be parsed.– VALIDUSERS: Users which are allowed to supply their owncombination of statistics generators.By default users arerestricted to the generators defined by the administrator.

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