Dating someone from a different social class when your daughter is dating the wrong guy

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Research also shows that people tend to be quite accurate in their assessment of their own and others' class rank, and that this self-assessment likewise predicts outcomes.For example, people who perceive themselves as lower in rank have worse health outcomes overall than those who see themselves as higher ranking, research finds.

But until the last decade or so, the concept of class has generally eluded psychological inquiry.Success for them, therefore, depends on how well they can "read," rely on and help out others, the psychologists' theory holds.By contrast, those who enjoy more resources and greater class status live in contexts that enhance their personal power and freedom — larger and safer living spaces, the means to buy high-priced goods and experiences, and education that provides access to influential people, ideas and venues.Consider the person who can afford to have a contractor re-do her kitchen, versus someone who must borrow money for the job, try to do the job herself, or simply live with old equipment that doesn't function properly or is even dangerous.One outcome of these differences is that people of lower rank tend to be more emotionally attuned to others, these researchers contend.

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