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For more information on these laws and how to respond to an employer who asks for you social media log-in information, see our Social Networking & Computer Privacy Page.

These types of policies include inter-office dating policies and anti-nepotism (policies that prohibit or limit situations in which employer and employee relatives can work at the company).

To learn more about different types of employer policies and their lawfulness, read below: Some state courts have held that an employer handbook is a contract unless the handbook expressly states that it is not a contract.

If the handbook is deemed to be a contract by the court, then the employer can be liable for breaching that contract if it fails to follow the procedures outlined within the handbook.

A policy like this would tend to discriminate against women who took time off due to pregnancy or employees who were sick or otherwise temporarily disabled.

Individuals negatively affected by a policy like this could potentially file a lawsuit against their employer.

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