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She is an educational guidance counselor, group leader, pre-marital coach, matchmaker and Judaic Studies teacher. Sherrie is certified by Midreshet Emunah and is accredited by the Rabbanut of Israel, to be a pre-marital couple’s counselor and Kallah teacher.Sherrie is dedicated to promoting and enhancing emotional intelligence and communication skills in conjunction with Torah values. in Speech Pathology and Audiology from Brooklyn College and a B. Before coming to Israel in 1989 from Great Neck, New York, Sherrie taught Judaic Studies at the North Shore Hebrew Academy.Despite the notion that the Geula will transpire systematically over time and in a natural fashion, we say: “go’el Yisrael,” just before the Shmonei Ersei.This reminds and connects us to the past redemption from Egyptian (Mitzraim”) exile and exhorts us to focus our minds on our total dependence on Hashem for our future deliverance. While many singles meet “naturally” at shul, weddings or parties, others meet through introductions by friends or matchmakers.We know that G-d is the real matchmaker; nonetheless, we still need to exert our most honest efforts.Sephardic Connection is a program sponsored by Torah Ohr Congregation in Great Neck NY and is available to all Jewish singles featuring activities and events designed to bring Jewish singles to their soul mates.

“For he (Jacob) said, “if Esau comes to the one camp and strikes it down, then the remaining camp shall survive.” (Breishit 32:9) Rashi points out the while planning his strategy, Yaakov devises 3 plans to ensure the survival of at least part of his entourage: gifts, prayer, and war.I have attached the beautiful tefilla for a zivug that hangs in the Holy Me’arat Hamachpela, for all to recite in bringing about the discovery of their true soul mate.And may we all be zoche to pray and sing songs of praise and thanks afterwards as well!If the website is successful in making a match for you, we have the right to post your picture.Although, effort is put by our individual matchmakers to get to know their members on Sephardic Connection, background checks are not conducted.

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