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They think that calling their wife the boss and having her in charge is totally normal.In fact, in Canada, Womens and Mens roles are reversed from the natural system.I think that if Canada were the same size but in at a lower latitude, it's population would be like the USA.Most Canadians brag about how big the country is and how it is bigger than the USA.Due to this, Canada is a well established matriarchy from the very top down, just like most of the Commonwealth and Anglosphere.

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Canada's massive size works against it, because it makes traveling areal time consuming affair.

When my parents first hired Filipina maids 33 years ago, I connected with the culture there immediately and fell in love with it after my first visit there.

You have to wonder why such an absolutely huge place, second only to Russia in size, only has about 35 million people living there, most of them near the US border.

If they stood up to their wife, she would divorce him and he would have to give up half of what he owns and pay alimony just like in the USA.

So marriage here is fraud, but most men don't realize it because they are so desperate to get a woman they sign the contract and become slaves.

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