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For example, Twin A may be born at pm on one day while Twin B doesn't make an appearance until am, which would be the next day. For example, two British twins were born either side of midnight on August 31 and September 1.

The difference in the month would also matter for when they were due for immunizations, even though there were born only minutes apart.In some cases, a delayed interval birth takes place when one multiple is delivered prematurely, but doctors are able to halt labor and keep the remaining multiple(s) in their mother's womb to grow and develop.Some of these multiples—twins, triplets or more—were born days, weeks or even months apart. The difference between today and tomorrow is literally a matter of seconds.Premature birth is a very important risk factor for CP, and being born small at term is also a risk factor.Therefore twins are generally born with one important risk factor for CP.

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