Dating before cell phones

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But if she's glued to it, then perhaps that's a good indicator that she isn't the kind of girl you're looking for.If her cellphone usage is excessive then you can bring it to her attention, but I would argue that doing so is besides the point. Clarification, prompted by the comments: Her actions are showing you that you are not a priority.This can be particularly inconvenient in the middle of a meal, so I'd recommend a coffee date or something more informal that's easier to end early as a first date.Do note that this is for extreme cases where she's really being just plain rude.The reason this worked was because I did not accuse or demand she change her behaviour, but still managed to bring it into the conversation.

If it bothers you now already, it will bother you even more then.

If my phone made a noise, I'd say excuse me and look at it for 2 seconds, then put it away. If she makes you feel like you have no self-respect , then how do you know she is going to change when things get more serious?

If she is using her phone for long periods of time now, on the one occasion she has most reason to try and impress you, then what is going to change her behaviour on the other dates moving forward? There's nothing wrong with looking at your phone for 2s because it made a noise.

This seems like a pretty tough thing to do, because I've never actually tried being assertive in these situations, and I'm afraid I'll just act out badly and say something like: The point of dating, at least in my (probably old fashioned) understanding, is to determine compatibility with a partner.

Their cellphone usage can also be an indication of this too.

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