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Catholic Spain used the gold from the New World to finance the defense of Europe against the Ottoman invasion.Holy Roman Emperor Charles V of Spain, fought Suleiman’s ships which attacked the southern coasts of Europe.Soon, western European scholars, like Erasmus – a friend of Martin Luther – began translating the Bible not just from Latin, but from Greek.This renewed interest in the original language and meaning of words in Greek New Testament laid the foundation for “the Reformation.” In 1517, Martin Luther began the Reformation by posting 95 theses, or debate questions, on the Wittenberg Church door in Saxony, Germany.

The collapse of the throne of Constantine carried into Italy the debris of ancient Greece.

In Egypt, Muslim Caliphs instituted government commissions to seek out the Pharaohs’ tombs for plundering. Paul Outside the Wall Church, desecrating the graves of both St. Pope Leo rallied the cities of Amalfi, Gaeta and Naples to send ships to block the mouth of the Tiber River near Ostia.

This effort to erase Egyptian history was so thorough that in a few generations, Egyptians had no memory of who built the Great Pyramids. Muslims attacked and the fighting was fierce, when suddenly a violent storm arose, dividing the Christians fleet from the Muslim attackers.

In the 1400s, as Muslims invaded Constantinople, Byzantium, and Greece, they destroyed churches, libraries, schools, museums, graves and artwork.

Greeks scholars fled west to Florence, Italy, reintroducing their Greek art, architecture and philosophy to western Europe.

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