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They did a good job of hiding the changes in John on Atlantis—people didn’t talk about his superior hearing, inhuman reflexes, or the fact that he regularly ran five miles a day with a man fifteen years his junior without breaking a sweat. They rarely stayed on the city long enough to notice John.

Between Lorne and Mc Kay, the turnover rate for new people on Atlantis was epic even by the SGC’s standards.

“But I don’t have the gene so I’m not going to activate anything else. “I guess being the filling of a Sam/Vala sandwich isn’t all that bad.” “You’d never be the same,” Vala said with a little smirk.

The door at the end of the hall opened before they reached it which made Mitchell pause briefly before continuing into the room. “What sort of stasis pod requires the Ancient version of a super computer to run it?

He likes crawling around in caves,” John said as they all started to move again. “You just said you didn’t want to crawl around in the dirt and you see the reports, so we aren’t keeping anything from you.

” “Stop acting like I’m a cheating husband in front of SG1, Mc Kay,” John said cheerfully.

The ribbons wound around them both over and over again, sliding over their skin like water. He inclined his head, and looked to the left as panels lit up around them. “In the same place as Sheppard’s life sign.” “Fantastic,” Cameron said and rubbed the back of his head in frustration. “Teal’c, go back to the gate and report the situation. Let Hammond know that I’d like to see SG2 and SG3 come back with you.

The creature hissed and turned to its left, struck out with an arm and John emerged from the shadows moving inhumanly fast.

He launched himself at the Wraith, caught him by the head, and broke his neck with one sharp action.

The wall slid away under Mc Kay’s direction revealing a brilliantly lit hallway.

He started to step forward but Mitchell grabbed his arm.

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