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DVNR Digital Video Noise Reduction DVR Digital Video Recorder DW(H) Data Ware House DWA Device Wire Adapter DWDM Dense Wavelength Division Mux DWIM “Do What I Mean” virtual opcode! Unit (warranty) CSLG Campuswide Software License Grant DCL Digital Command Language (VMS) DDS Distrib. EVE Extended Versatile Editor FAL File Access Listener (Decnet) FDL File Definition Language FIS Factory Installed Software HSC Hierarc. File System (Spiralog) LMF License Management Facility LSE Language Sensitive Editor LSF Load Sharing Facility (network) LTM LAN Traffic Monitor MC Memory Channel (OSF/1 cluster) MOP Maintenance Operation Protocol MUMPS Mass Utility Multi Prog. ECW Enhanced Compressed Wavelet ED Ending Delimiter (frame) ED50/87European Datum 1950/87 (geodesy) EDA Enterprise Data Access (SQL) ED(A)C Error Detection (And) Correction EDC Error Detecting Code EDCA Enh. Datarates for GSM Evolution EDI Electronic Data Interchange EDID Ext. BAUMANN Alphabetical List Of Abbreviations A - Z � ATM, BT, cc TLD, Currency Codes, DEC, IRC, ISO , MS, XML - 25 / 71 - Frame Control Sequence (... Report (4/7) SC Sub Committee SP Study Period (1/7) TC Technical Committee TR Technical Report (7/7) TMB Technical Management Board WD Working Draft (3/7) WG Working Group WP Working Paper - J - J10N J[apanizatio]N J2K JPEG2000 (ISO comp. Pack - K - K7 “Cassette” (numéronyme) K9 “Canine” (numeronym) KAM Key Account Manager KAT Known Answer Test k B kilo Byte (103 = 1000 bytes) KBA Knowledge-Based Authentication kbps kilo bits per second (1'000) KBS Knowledge Base System KCC Knowledge Consistency Checker K-CDP Kinda CDP (backups) KDD Knowledge Discovery in Databases KDE K Desktop Environment (Linux) KDF Key Derivation Function (crypto) KE Known Error (Data Base, Log, Rec.) KEA Key Exchange Algorithm KEK Key Encryption Key KEM Key Encapsulation Mechanism Kermit File transfer protocol (Columbia) KGB Komitet Gosudarstvennoy Bezopasnosti KGI Key Goal Indicator k Hz kilo Hertz (frequency) KI Künstliche Intelligenz Ki B Kibi Byte (210 = 1024 bytes) KISS Keep It Simple & Stupid KLOC Kilo-Line Of Code (1000 lines) KM Knowledge Management KML Keyhole Markup Lang (Google Earth) KMU Kleine und Mittlere Unternehmen K.-O. KP Kernel Panic KPI Key Performance Indicator KPM Key Performance Metrics KPMG Klynveld Peat Marwick Goerdeler SA K&R Kernighan-Ritchie (plain vanilla C) KRA Key Responsibility Area (few KPI’s) KRI Key Risk Indicator KSA Knowledge, Skills and Abilities KSF Key Success Factor ksh Korn shell (unix) kspm key strokes per minute KTC Key Translation Center KVM Keyboard, Video & Mouse (switch) Kilo (Kuaui) Virtual Machine KYC Know Your Customer kyr kilo years - L - L10N L[ocalizatio]N L12Y L[ocalizabilit]Y L2F Layer 2 Forqarding (prot.) L2TP Layer 2 Tunneling Prot. of rad LATA Local Access & Transport Area (US) LATAM LATin AMerica (region) LAWN Local Area Wireless Net. (CERN) LER Label Edge Router (MPLS) LES Logistics Execution System lex lexical analyzer (unix) LF Line Feed (ASCII 10) LFA Local Feature Analysis (AFR) LFS Large File Support Linux From Scratch LGPL Lesser GPL LGPO Local GPO LHC Large Hadron Collider (CERN) lhs left hand side (equation, ...) LI Lawful Interception LIB Label Information Base (MPLS) LIBOR London Inter Bank Offered Rate LIF Low Insertion Force (socket) LIFO Last In, First Out (stack) LIHF Low Impact High Frequency (risk) Li-Ion Lithium-Ion (battery) LILF Low Impact Low Frequency (risk) LILO Last In, Last Out LInux LOader LIM Lotus-Intel-Microsoft (EMS) LIN Local Interconnect Network Linux Linus Torvald’s unix LINX London Inter Net e Xchange LIP Loop Initialization Primitive LIPC Lang. Procedure Calling Li-po Lithium-polymere (battery) lips logical inferences/instr. M Legum Magister (Master of Laws) LMDS Local Multipoint Distr.

DWT Discrete Wavelet transform DXC Digital cross Connect DXF Drawing e Xchange Format (ACAD) DXI Data e Xchange Interface DXR Data e Xtraction and Recording - DEC (= HP) - ACL Access Control List (VMS) ACMS Applic. Directory Service (-X.500) DECUS DEC User Society DNA Digital Network Architecture DSSI Digital Storage System Interconnect EDT EDi Tor (standard) EMA Enterprise Management Architecture En VISN Enterprise Virt. System MUP Mandatory Update Patch NAS Network Application Support NCP Network Control Program NSP Network Service Protocol (Decnet) OSAK OSI Application Kernel PAK Product Authorization Key (license) PCSA PC System Architecture (Pathworks) PDP Programmed Data Proc. Display Identification Data EDIfact EDI For Admin., Comm. EDM Evaluate, Direct and Monitor (model) EDO Extended Data-Out (video DRAM) EDRM E-Discovery Reference Model EDRMS Electr. CRC) FCSS Fast Cell Site Selection FDD Feature Driven Development (Agile) Floppy Disc Drive Frequency Division Duplex FDDI Fiber Distr. FEO For Exposition Only (page) FEP Front-End Processor (IBM 34xx) FEPROM Flash EPROM FER Frame Error Rate Fe RAM Ferroelectric RAM FET Field Effect Transistor (diode) FEXT Far End XTalk (crosstalk) FF Fire Fox (Mozilla browser) Form Feed (ASCII 12) FFC Finite Field Crypto (DLC) FFOL FDDI Follow-On LAN FFS Fast/Flash File System FFT Fast Fourier Transform (math) Final-Form Text (DCA) FHS Filesytem Hierarchy Standard (linux) Fach Hoch Schule (-BE/WS...) FHSS Freq. Spread Spectrum(WLAN) FICON FIber CONnectivity (FC/IBM) FIDIS Future of Ident. Society FIF Fractal Image File FIFO First-In, First-Out (queue) FIGS French/Italian/German/Spanish FILO First-In, Last-Out (stack) FIMS Form Interface Management System Fing Std Finger Image-Based Interchange Format Standard (INCITS 381) FIP Factory Instrumentation Prot. Record (template) Fast Infra Red (Ir DA V2) FIRST Forum of Incident Resp&Sec. (L2F PPTP) L4G Langage de 4ème Génération LAB L-value, (A; B) coordinates (color) LACS Logical Access Control System LAM Lobe Access Module...’lamb’ (IBM) LAMP Linux Apache My SQL PHP LAN Local Area Network LAPx Link Access Protocol (x=B, D, M) laser light ampl. (WLAN) Layer 8 Nonexistent “user” layer (OSI) LBA Linear Bounded Automaton (CSG) Logical Block Addressing (HDD) LBC Level of Business Continuity LBN Logical Block Number LBS Location-Based Service LBT Listen Before Talk (EU regulation) Lby R Location by Reference LCC Life Cycle Cost LCD Liquid Crystal Display (monitor) LCDUI Limited Capability Device UI (phone) LCE Low-Carbon Economy LCF Low Cost Fiber LCo A on-Link Care-of-Address (HMIPv6) LCOS Liquid Crystal On Silicon (projector) LCP Link Control Prot. Application LDS Logical Data Structure (ICAO) LDSL Low-bit-rate DSL LDSP Linux Dev. BAUMANN Alphabetical List Of Abbreviations A - Z � ATM, BT, cc TLD, Currency Codes, DEC, IRC, ISO , MS, XML - 40 / 71 - LED Light-Emitting Diode LEF Loss Event Frequency (FAIR) LEM Lang. per second LIR Local Internet Registry LIS Library Information System (Z39.50) Location Information Server Logical IP Subnet LISP LISt Processing (ISLIP, ISO 13816) LISS Lang. Sevices LMI Local Management Interface LMS Learning/Library Manag. MARC MAchine-Readable Cataloging (21) MARR Minimum Attractive Rate of Return MARS Multicast Address Resolution Server MAS Master of Advanced Studies MASINT Measurement And Sig.

Specific Integrated Circuit ASK Amplitude Shift Keying (modem) ASL Application Services Library (/Bi SL) Application Specific Language ASLR Address Space Layout Randomization ASN.1 Abstract Syntax Notation 1 (8824/5) ASME American Soc. Engineers ASMP ASymetrical Multi-Processing ASN Advanced Shipping Notice ASO Addresses Supporting Org. Sound Processor (Creative Lab.) Application Service Provider Average Selling Price ASR Automatic Send & Receive Automatic Speech Recognition ASSP Application Specific Standard Prod. Sublayer (AAL) SSM Single Segment Message ST Segment Type (SAR) STE Section Term. Technique (env/priv/sec.) BAU Business As Usual BB Black Box Bronto Byte (1027 bytes) BBCode Bulletin Board Code BBS Bulletin Board System BBT Balanced Binary Tree B. Before Christus (date postfix) BCA Basel Capital Accord (I or II) Bridge Certificate Authority BCast mobile Broad Cast service enabler BCBS Basel Committee on Banking Superv. BAUMANN Alphabetical List Of Abbreviations A - Z � ATM, BT, cc TLD, Currency Codes, DEC, IRC, ISO , MS, XML - 6 / 71 - BDM Business Decision Makers BDP Body Definition Parameters BE Best Effort BEDO Burst Ext. BEL BELl character (ASCII 7, Ctrl G) BEM Biometric Evaluation Methodology Benelux Belgique, Netherland, Luxembourg BER Basic Encoding Rules (ASN.1) BER(T) Bit Error Rate (Test) BES Blackberry Enterprise Server BESPA Bidir. Steerable Phased Array BF Brain F*ck (Urban Müller, 1993) BFD Bidirectional Forwarding Detection BFP Biom. ATM) Bi SL Business Info Services Library (ASL/) BIT(E) Built-In Test (Equipment) b ITa Business IT Aligment (ITIL) bit binary digit Bit Net Because It’s Time NETwork BL Black List BLAST Bursty, Light-data, ASync., Transitive BLOB Binary Large OBject (DBMS) Bloom BOOM Language (cloud computing) BLSR Base Line Security Requirements BM Behavior Model BMI Boby Mass Index (Weight/Height2) BMP Basic Multilingual Plane (Unicode) Bit Ma P (image format) BMR Ballistic Magneto-Resistive (HDD) BMT Bench Mark Test BNC Bayonet Neill-Concelman (coax) BNF Backus-Normal Form (language) BO Back Orifice (hacking) BOB Bag Of Bits (ESD) BOF Beginning Of File Bo F Birds of a Feather (IETF) BOM Bill Of Materials Byte Order Mark (Unicode) Bon D Bandwidth on Demand (BWOD) BOOM Berkeley Orders Of Magnitude (proj) Boot P Bootstrap Protocol (IP) BORE Break Once Run Everywhere… BPP Basic Printing Profile (GOEP) BQB Bluetooth Qualification Body BQTF Bluetooth Qualif. CAN Controller Area Network (Bosch...) CAO Chief Account./Admin./Audit Officer Computer Aided Ordering CAP Carrierless Amplitude/Phase Competitive Access Provider CAPEX CAPital EXpenditure CAPI Common (ISDN) API CAPPS Comp. (ISO 9496) CHM Compiled Htm L CHRP Common Hard Ref. CLEC Competitive Local Exchange Carrier CLF Combined/Common Log Format CLI Call Level Interface (X/Open spec.) Command Language Interpreter (OS) CLIP Chip Level Internet Protocol Compiler Lang. BAUMANN Alphabetical List Of Abbreviations A - Z � ATM, BT, cc TLD, Currency Codes, DEC, IRC, ISO , MS, XML - 13 / 71 - Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (mouse) Cipher Text Stealing (encryption) Clear To Send (RS-232) Conformance Test Suite (NIST/Do D) Conventional Terrestrial System CTSS Compatible Time-Sharing System CUDA Compute Unified Device Architecture CUG Closed User Group (ISDN) CUI Character-based User Interface Controlled Unclassified Information CUSIP Committee on Unif. ) Czech Republic .dallas “Dallas/US” (new city TLD?

C.) BC(C)P Business Continuity (&Contig.) Plan BCI Brain/Computer Interface BCM Business Capacity/Continuity Mgmt. System BCP Best Current Practice Business Continuity Plan BCR Benefit-Cost Ratio Binding Corporate Rules BCV Business Continuity Volume BCWP Budgeted Cost of Work Performed BCWS Budgeted Cost of Work Scheduled BD(A) Blu-ray Disc (Association) = 25 Gi B BDA BIOS Data Area BD-J Blu-ray Disc Java P.-Y. BB Base Band BCH Bose, Chaudhuri, Hocquenghem BD_Addr Bluetooth Device Address BIP Basic Imaging Profile (GOEP) BNEP Basic Network Encapsulation Prot. Acquisition/Logistics Support CAM Computer Aided Manufacturing Conditional Access Module (DVB) Content Aggregation Model CAML Categorical Abstract Machine Lang. CFO Call For Opinion (Usenet) Chief Financial Officer CFP Contention Free Period CFR Cost and FReight CFV Call For Vote (Usenet) CGA Color Graphics Array (320x200) CGI Common Gateway Interface (http) Computer Generated Image CGM Computer Graphics Metafile CGS Centimetre, Gram and Second CH Confederatio Helvetica (-ISO 3166) CHAP Challenge-Handshake Authent. CHI Computer-Human Interface CHILL CCITT HIgh-Level Lang. Ancestor CLD Causal Loop Diagram CLDC Connected Limited Device Config. CQI Channel Quality Indicator CR Carriage Return (ASCII 13) CRA Continuity Requirements Analysis CRACK Chal./Resp. Processes Core Service Package (ITIL) Credentials Service Provider Critical Security Parameter Cryptographic Service Provider CSR Certificate Signing Request (PKI) CSRF Cross-Site Request Forgery CSS Content Scrambling System (DRM) CSS(1/2)Cascading Style Sheets (DHTML) CST Central Standard Time CSU Channel Service Unit CSV Comma-Separated Value (format) CTA Cognitive Task Analysis (AI) CTCP Client To Client Protocol CTI Computer Telephony Integration CTIA Cellular Telecom. CTL Certificate Trust List (PKI) CTM Classification-Tree Method CTO Chief Technology Officer CTP Composite Theoretical Performance CTQ Critical-To-Quality (tree) CTR Click-Through Rate (ad banners) CTRL Con TRo L (key) CTS Call Tracking System P.-Y. Christmas Island / Australia Cyprus “Welsh cult./lang.” (new r TLD?

for Internet Numbers ARK Archival Resource Key ARM Acorn RISC Machine (proc=Strong) ARO Annual Rate of Occurrence (Risk) ARP Address Resolution Protocol (IP) ARPA Adv. BIP(V) Bit Interleaved Parity (Violation) BIS Border Intermediate System BOM Beginning Of Message BRM Backward Resource Manag. (cell) FRP Fast Reservation Protocol FUNI Frame-based UNI GCRA Generic Cell Rate Algorithm GFC Generic Flow Control HBFG Host Behaviour FG HEC Header Error Check (cell field) IASG Intern. Server LES LAN Emulation Server LGN Logical Group Node LIS Logical IP Subnetwork (CLIP) Lo F/P/S Loss of Frame/Pointer/Signal LSP Label Switched Path LSR Label Switching Router LTE Line Terminating Equipment (Sonet) L-UNI LANE UNI MARS Multicast Address Resolution Server MBS Maximum Burst Size MCR Minimum Cell Rate MID Message IDentifier MPC MPOA Client MPOA Multiprotocol Over ATM MPS MPOA Server MTP3 Message Transfer Prot. & Maintenance OCD Out-of-Cell Delineation PAR PNNI Augmented Routing PCR Peak Cell Rate (traffic) PE Provider Equipment PGL Peer Group Leader PHP Penultimate Hop Pop PLCP Phys. Layer SECB Severely Errored Cell Block SIR Sustainable Information Rate SITA Switching IP Through ATM SNDCF Sub-Network Dep. (ITIL) BRT Business Recovery Team BS Back Space (ASCII 8) BSA Business Software Alliance (fraud) BSB Back-Side Bus (CPU2RAM) BSC Balanced Score Card (Kaplan/Norton) Base Station Controller Binary Synchronous Comm. (unix) BSI Boot Sector Infector (virus) Bundesamt für Sicherheit in der IT BSi British Standards instit. BAUMANN Alphabetical List Of Abbreviations A - Z � ATM, BT, cc TLD, Currency Codes, DEC, IRC, ISO , MS, XML - 16 / 71 - Sierra Leone ( P.-Y.

Research Project Agency ARPG Active Role Playing Game ARPU Average Revenue Per User ARQ Admission Re Quest ARS Automatic Route Selection ASA American Sociological Assoc. (cell) BUS Broadcast&Unknown Server (LANE) CAC Connection Admission Control CBR Constant Bit Rate (...leased line) CDV Cell Delay Variation (Qo S) CEI Connection Endpoint Ident. FEBE Far-End Block Error FEC Forward Error Correction FECN Forward Explicit Congestion Notif. 3 (CCS) NBMA Non-Broadcast Multiple Access NI No Increase (RM cell bit) NIU Network Interface Unit NLPID Network Layer Prot. (7799,15000) BSM Business Service Management (ITIL) BSP Biometric Service Provider (Bio API) Bit-Slice Processor BSS Basic Service Set (802.11b) Business Support Systems BT Blue Tooth � British Telecommunications Broader Term/s (thesaurus) BT(0) Business Technology (Optimization) BTS Base Transceiver Station BU Binding Update (MIPv6) Bottom-Up Business Unit BUC Business Use Cases b.w. BAUMANN Alphabetical List Of Abbreviations A - Z � ATM, BT, cc TLD, Currency Codes, DEC, IRC, ISO , MS, XML - 17 / 71 - CVE Cape Verde, Escudos CYP- Cyprus, Pounds (expired 20080131) CZK Czech Republic, Koruny DJF Djibouti, Francs DKK Denmark, Kroner DOP Dominican Republic, Pesos DZD Algeria, Algeria Dinars EEK Estonia, Krooni EGP Egypt, Pounds ERN Eritrea, Nakfa ETB Ethiopia, Birr EUR Euro Member Countries, Euro FJD Fiji, Dollars FKP Falkland Islands (Malvinas), Pounds GBP!6DOF 6 Degrees Of Freedom (3D rotation) 6σ Six Sigma (Motorola’s methodology) 7799-x Info Security Mgmt. (SILS) 802.11 WLAN (RFDC) 802.11e EDCA/WME & HCCA/WSM 802.12 Demand Priority (100VG-Any LAN) 802.14 Broadband Cable-TV (CATV) 802.15.n WPAN (BT, UWB, WUSB, Zig Bee) 802.16 BWA/WMAN (Wi MAX) 802.17 Cable Modem 802.18 Radio Regulatory TAG (RRTAG) 802.19 Coexistence TAG (Co TAG) 802.20 Mob. (3GPP/KASUMI) AA Accred/Attrib/Auth N Authority (PKI) AAAAA Anon. Against Acronym Abuse AAA Authentication, Author.& Accounting AAC Adv. System ABM Asynchronous Balance Mode (X.25) Anything But Microsoft ;-) ABNF Augmented BNF ABS ABSolute (coord., value, URL) Agent-Based System AC Alternative Current ACB Automatic Call-Back ACAP Adv. Coding & Modulation (DVB) Application Cycle Management Assoc. (3Com) Differential Power Analysis DPCM Differential Pulse Code Modulation DPG Dedicated Packet Group (FDDI-II) DPI Deep Packet Inspection (OSI 3-2) dpi dots per inch (printer resolution) DPM Digital Power Manager Dual Port Memory DPMO Defects Per Million Opportunities DPMS Data Protection Manag. Signaling DPO Data Protection Officer DPOF Digital Print Order Format DPOL Digital Point Of Load DPRL Digital Property Rights Lang. EGP Exterior Gateway Protocol (IP) EHCI Enhanced HCI (USB 2.0) EHF Extremely High Frequency EHR Electronic Health Record EIA Electronic Industries Association Ei B Exbi Byte (260 bytes) EICAR Europ. (disk) ES-ES End-System to End-System (prot.) ESG Electronic Service Guide (BCast) ESI Electronically Stored Information End System Identifier (NSAP) ES-IS End-System to Intermediate-System ESL Electronic Shelf Label Electronic System Level (design) ESMTP Extended SMTP (RFC 1651, EHLO) ESN Electronic Serial Number (32 bit) ESP Encapsulating Security Payload Email Service Provider ESPRIT Eur. System (89) ETSI European Telecom Standard Institute ETTB Ethernet-To-The-Business ETTH Ethernet-To-The-Home ETX End of Te Xt (ASCII 3) EU European Union (1927 memb.) EU(A) End-User (Availability) EUCI European Union Classified Inform. Unique Identifier (IEEE -48/64) EUREF EUropean REference Frame (GPS) EUVL Extreme UV Lithography (IC) EV(A) Earned Value (Analysis) EVC Enhanced Video Connector EVD Enhanced Versatile Disc EV-DO EVolution - Data Optimized EV-DV EVolution, Data and Voice EV(P)M Earned Value (Project) Management EW Electronic Warfare EWOS Europ. For XML Binding JAXM Java API for XML Messaging JAXP Java API for XML Processing JAXR Java API for XML Registries JB Java Bean JBIG Joint Bi-level Image-experts Group JBOD Just a Bunch Of Disks JCA Java Cryptography Architecture JCE Java Cryptography Extension JCP Java Community Process JD Job Description JDBC Java Data Base Connectivity JDK Java Development Kit (Sun) JECF Java Electr.Standards (BS) 802.1 HIgher Layer & Internetwork (HILI) 802.1D MAC Bridges (802.1G Remote…) 802.1Q Virtual LANs 802.1X Port Based Network Access Control 802.2 Logical Link Control (LLC) 802.3 Ethernet CSMA/CD (10Base X) 802.3ab 1000Base-T (over copper: cat. for Computing Machinery ACME A Company that Makes Everything ACP Accredited Course Provider Audio Content Protection ACPI Adv. and Power Interface ACR Attenuation to Crosstalk Ratio (TP) Automatic Call Recording (ISDN) ACS Access Control System American Chemical Soc. DPSK Differential Phase Shift Keying DPWM Digital Pulse Width Modulator DQDB Distributed Queue Dual Bus (802.6) DR Digital Radio DR(P/T) Disaster Recovery (Plan/Team) DRAM Dynamic RAM DRC Direct Routed Call (H.323) DRE Direct Recording Electronic (e Vote) DRG Diagnosis Related Group DRM Data Reference Model DRP Distribution & Replication Prot. Workshop for Open Systems Ex CA Exchangeable Card Architect. Commerce Framework JED Jam Echelon Day (21.10) JEDEC Joint Electr. Council JEPI Joint Electronic Payment Initiative JFC Java Foundation Classes JFIF JPEG File Interchange Format JFK Just Fast Keying (VPN sessions) John Fitzgerald Kennedy (NY airport) JFS Journaling File System JINI Java Intelligent Network Infrastruct. BAUMANN Alphabetical List Of Abbreviations A - Z � ATM, BT, cc TLD, Currency Codes, DEC, IRC, ISO , MS, XML - 9 / 71 - Committed Access Rate Content Address of Register (Lisp) Courtesy Amount Recognition (bank) Cumulated Abnormal Returns CARL Certif. Revokation List(s) CAS Certificate of Advanced Studies Column Address Strobe (DRAM) Comm. (Fax) Content-Addressed Storage CASCO Committee On � Conf. Fluid Dynamics Control Flow Diagram (CASE) CFG Context-Free Grammar CFI Canonical Format ID (IEEE 802.1p) CFIA Component Failure Impact Analys. Hypertextual Access techno CHFI Computer Hacking Forensic Investig. CQA Certified Quality Auditor CQFD Ce Qu’il Fallait Démontrer! Identify Module CSIS Central SIS (in Strasbourg) CSLIP Compressed SLIP CSMA Carrier Sense Multiple Access CSO(R) Computer Security Objects (Reg.) CSP Certification Service Provider Chip Scale Package (memory) Cloud Service Provider Communicating Seq. BAUMANN Alphabetical List Of Abbreviations A - Z � ATM, BT, cc TLD, Currency Codes, DEC, IRC, ISO , MS, XML - 14 / 71 - Cape Verde Curaçao … Public Turing-test to tell Computers and Humans Apart CAR Capacity Assessment for Readiness P.-Y. confer (comparer≠se référer à) CFA Color Filter Array CFB Contention Free Bursts Cipher Feed Back (block cipher) CFD Call For Discussion (Usenet) Comp. Safety Comm.(USA) CPT Carriage Paid To Cost Per Transaction CPU Central Processing Unit CPV Common (public) Procurement Voc. Service Improvement (ITIL) Cost Schedule Index (CPIx SPI) CSIC Customer Specific IC CSIM CDMA Subscr. Scoring Syst.(FIRST) CWDM Coarse Wavelength Division Mux CWE Common Weakness Enumeration CWM Common Warehouse Metamodel CWMI Com. CY Calendar/Current (≠ Fiscal) Year Cy D Cyber Defense/ce CYM(K)Cyan Yellow Magenta (Khol/blac K) - cc TLD’s ( P.-Y.

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