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I have a very exiting and desrie for Czech Republic. Richard, 52 years, United Kingdom I have met someone so special. I had already some experience with different agencies but I can´t compare them with you. I am very satisfied and czech women are absolutely great. Andreas Daniel, 34 years, England I met women of my life through your services. I visited Prague for 2 weeks and was stunned with the beautiful woman I saw. If they are issued by foreign authorities they must be furnished with the required authenticated documents (superlegalization, Apostille) unless an international agreement stipulates otherwise.Such authenticated documents must be officially translated into the Czech language.

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According to §33 of the Act on Offices of Vital Records, a fiancé who is a Czech national and has permanent residency in the Czech Republic, must prove his identity and provide also the following: A Czech national is not obliged to submit documents a) through e), if the Office of Vital Records has external access to the Registry of Inhabitants, Information System of Inhabitant Records and the Information System of IDs, or the applicant is able to prove these facts by presenting his ID.

His words have met with a mixed response here in the Czech Republic, with some acceptance that armaments purchases must be stepped up – but questions surrounding the speed and focus of such spending.

Helena, 52 let, Česká republika S vybranými klienty i prací agentury jsem byla naprosto spokojená.

Thanks again for making my first introduction with you 100% success! Antonio, 41 years, Germany I would not hesitate to recommend your service to my friends. Richard Don, 38 years, Canada I'm very happy with your service. John, 44 years, United Kingdom Thank you for your service you are doing well. Michael Otto Lorenc, 42 years, Holland During my stay in Prague I found your agency with no confidence but when I met you I wasn´t afraid about it any more and after the dates with girls I was completely satisfied.

Stephen, 66 years, France After a long exchange of e-mails we met in Prague last weekend and after 5 days we knew we were made for each other. Thank you and best regards Stephen RONALDO, 35 years, south africa You have one of the most attractive websites. Tomas, 35 years, USA I have found that special lady. Tomas Michael, 47 years, Australia Via your dating service i have found the woman of my dreams. I met a lady on Planet Romance and we are getting married next spring. John Michael Hill, 39 years, USA I was loosing hope that I could find a girl for my life and I have met her!! I have chosen Martina, I am happy because she is cool. Otto Lorenc Andreas Bexon, 47 years, Germany I am greeting you, I was to utilize this way to say thank you.

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