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”Everyone had a great guffaw, and in the brief pause after the first gales of laughter, quick-witted Idaho farm boy Steve interjected, from his place a few seats over, “Well would you marry me?!

”All Carma knew about him from his mornings in the Snack Bar was that he was also an Idaho farm kid, and that he had recently returned home from a Mormon mission.

Hours later, when Carma came home that evening, her roommate told declared, “Carma, what have you done?

This guy named Steve has called five times for you today!

We got to this dessert place and they were having this thing where if you play two songs on their stage you get a free crepe.We decided to go on a group date with my best friend and one of my dates friends.The beginning of the date was normal then we decided to play phase 10.He said things like, “I tried out for this guys band the other day and when I started playing they were all blown away over how how good I was!” and “You seriously don’t even understand how good I am!

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