Are neji and tenten dating

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It's been passed on from my father to me before he died. "My father told me that is has unbelievable powers, but nothing really happens after keeping it over the years" Neji said. Unknown man POV "Ahh the Hyuga family Mahō no nekkuresu(magic necklace)" the unknown man whispered " Finally I've found it".But I want to give it to you" "Is this really Neji? Walking into the restaurant the man threw paper bombs with kunais towards Neji and Tenten's table. "Tenten replied as she dodge the paper bomb and onto the floor. " sang Sakura to Neji, with Tenten crossing her eyes. "Tenten-" began Neji, but was rudely cut off by a loud "Shhhhh! "I know you're a bit young for love, but if you're sure that this is the boy you love, let him go. It's a risk you have to take," she said, with a small, sad smile on her face. He told me, "The time will come when we see each other again. A delicate, green-blue frosted cake, with M&Ms, her favorite candies, sprinkled all over. We wish you a.' Naruto saw her staring, and explained sheepishly, "The cake store guy couldn't fit in everything. "Y-Yes, t-there is something I-I know, b-but I-I'm n-not supposed t-to tell." Bleeeeeep. For the first time in history, Hinata Hyuga has hung up on her."Today's the day! "These times may be very hard for you and your friends," said the lunch lady very quietly. Then, her eyes followed the length of the table and saw a cake. All of a sudden, Sakura's soprano voice belted out, "Happy Birthday! " Sakura immediately kicked Naruto's foot under the table. The Naruto gang smiled, while an elderly lady looked on through the doorway.Looking in the mirror she fixed her hair then rushed through the door. these heels ain't making the situation better" she thought to herself as she quickly walk through the crowded town."Hey Tenten...where are you going looking so beautifully dressed" a voice from behind said. Im already late." Tenten spoke to herself and quickly turn around. Reaching the restaurant he gently put Tenten back down on the floor. ...thought you were inside" Tenten said nervously "Well thought you were too, i was running a bit late" Neji replied "Guess we have something in common" Tenten said trying to fix her hair. A few minutes later Tenten came through the bathroom door with hair that's perfectly groomed.

Whether it just be one character centric or both of them in a relationship, this is for the Tenten Neji lovers out there in the world! It's a week 'til Christmas and Tenten's parents have gone off on a mission stating she has to stay with a friend, Hyuuga Neji. Some romance blooms and things start to get a little hectic!

There's an uncomfortable silence - a pause, then Hinata stutters, "N-No, T-Tenten." Following this deniable phrase is another uncomfortable silence - finally to be broken by Hinata. "Don't worry dear, I'm sure that's not the case," she crooned. Then Tenten sighed and started to walk back to the lunch table – where people she loved were waiting, where people she didn't want to see right now were there. "My name's Charlotte, if you need to talk, I'm here." Tenten grinned. It was nice to meet you." Tenten walked deftly back to her lunch table, her heart not pounding as much anymore. As she neared her table, she saw Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura, Hinata, Ino, Shikamaru, and Neji looking at her expectantly. Everyone pretended not to notice the visible tears in her eyes until Naruto said, "Tenten, why are you crying? "I'm not crying, I just have dust in my eye," managed Tenten, laughing.

She passed the dollar and two quarters to the wrinkled hand, while the cafeteria lady clucked sympathetically. "Thank you," she whispered, as she blew out the candles, and cut everyone a slice of cake.

However, they soon discover that it’s not only Naruto and Hinata’s lovelife which is blooming. After all, she is known as the Weapons Mistress of Konoha, and she can make her weapons dance. Due to a deathbed promise, inexperienced Neji ends up with an instant son.

Neji Ten, Naru Hina, ONESHOTTenten over hears the others talking about her being weak, talk about an awful birthday present! With threats of marriage taking Tenten away from Team Gai, Neji embarks on a mission to save her from, well, marriage. Enter Tenten, the longlost teammate who poses as a birdbrain nanny for her jounin mission, beginning a tale of love, betrayal, and stinky diapers.

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