Americas predating europeans in the americas

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In addition, archaeogenetic evidence including, African [Mande] inscriptions, Mande substratum in Mayan languages, Africans depicted in Mayan murals at San Bartolo and Xultun, African skeletons generally, and ancient Mayan skeletons with sickle cell anemia support Spanish eyewitness accounts of Black Native American tribes [Otomi, Chontal (Mayan speaking group) , Yarura and etc.] in Meso-America when they arrived on the scene.

Conclusion: We demonstrate that given the age of the African skeletons, excavated at Meso-American archaeological sites and Spanish eyewitness accounts of Black Mexicans, Indigenous Mexican- African admixture occurred prior to the European discovery of America.

You need to respond to specific facts, not just so and so is a big boo boo head. The East Coast had extensive admixture according to a recent study by Lisker et al.

The other professors are finding heads that look like this as the Olmecs and Mayans Underhill, et al noted that:" One Mayan male, previously [has been] shown to have an African Y chromosome." - Underhill, et al (1996) " A pre-Columbian Y chromosome specific transition with its implications for human evolutionary history", Proc. ("Genetic Structure in Mesoamerica," _Human Biology_, June 1996).

The result was surprising: "It has all the features of a Africoid face," says Dr Neave.”So you want me to believe forensic science is wrong?

This is not limited to a single case but literally dozens if not hundreds of cases of Africoid people in the pre-colombian era.

Naia is a D mtdna, its not very descriptive at all and is found in the americas but also eurasia indigenously. ““The skull dimensions and facial features match most closely the native people of Australia and Melanesia.

These people date back to about 60,000 years, and were themselves descended from the first humans, who left Africa about 100,000 years ago.”“Then a forensic artist, Richard Neave from the University of Manchester, UK, created a face for Lucia.

Using genetic association studies of available Indigenous Mexican and African genome-wide SNP genotypes and HLA we infer the probable pre-or post Columbian date for the admixture.

Here we analyze the historical and archaeogentic literature relating to the American foundational haplogroups and HLA to extract ancestry information detailing when Indigenous Mexican-African admixture took place.

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