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“We wanted to figure out a way for users to make a genuine connection from right within the app, and so we decided on video.The video feature will work like this: Every day, Coffee Meets Bagel will ask users to answer a ‘question of the day’ within a brand new video section.Deadly sweets, the mysterious death of a dog and two cops who hate each other are the seemingly far-fetched elements comically weaved together in Sweet Alibis (甜蜜殺機), the second feature by up-and-coming genre director Lien Yi-chi (連奕琦).A great improvement on Lien’s 2011 thriller Make Up (命運化妝師), the neatly executed suspense and police comedy makes brilliant use of its well-chosen cast and delivers finely crafted humor, though the suspenseful part of the film lacks enough ingenuity to engage.Gradually, the two unlikely partners learn to work together, while all evidence points to the most unexpected suspects.

Wu in particular catches the attention with his twin roles that allow him to show off both his sinister and hilarious sides.

Not to give away the fun, let’s just say that their unconventional love offers some of the film’s most luminous moments of farcical humor and melodramatic sentiment.

One thing that doesn’t stand out in the movie, however, is the element of suspense.

In the smoothly-paced comedy, characters and their motivations take precedence over mystery-solving, and crimes are committed by those driven by love.

One good example involves the roles of acting veterans Lei Hong (雷洪) and Lang Tzu-yun (郎祖筠).

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