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How do you understand the relationship between the space of the bathroom, gender, and sexuality? Bathrooms are over-determined sites where a series of cultural, psychological, and technological forces converge.

Not only does the sex-segregated bathroom “naturalize” the male/female binary, but it also taps into deep-rooted and longstanding societal anxieties about sexuality including misogyny and homophobia.

We seem to be talking a little bit more about what it means to be a woman in architecture, but we rarely talk about what it means to be queer in architecture.

You pose a provocative question that is rarely discussed.

And in the past ten years, the status of landscape has dramatically risen as students and professionals have become invested in environmental issues.

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For example, why don’t firms led by LGBTQ designers qualify as minority-owned businesses on RFPs?More recently, (2011), co-edited with the late Diana Balmori, includes an essay that explores a similar theme: the impact of gender on the arbitrary segregation of two allied disciplines: architecture and landscape. The increasing visibility and social acceptance given to the LGBTQ community has had a positive impact on the design professions.In 2006, I addressed this issue in “Curtain Wars Revisited” where I argued that more flexible notions of gender had set the stage for the emergence of high-profile designers like Philippe Starck, Zaha Hadid, and OMA, whose work unabashedly blurred hard and fast distinctions between architecture, interiors, and fashion.Today, I have been absorbing the lessons of two related fields, transgender and disability studies, and have adopted a trans-inclusive perspective that takes into consideration the needs of a wide spectrum of “non-compliant bodies,” of different ages, genders, races, and disabilities.How would you say that gender and sexuality intersect in the context of professional practice?

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